Italian Gifts for Friends Obsessed With Italy

Italian gifts for the Italy-obsessed

This is our curated list of Italian gifts guaranteed to please anyone you know who is obsessed with Italy!

Many travelers become obsessed with Italy. Count me among them. 

Despite the number of times my husband and I have visited, we are never bored. There is always another town or region to explore, or an adventure to experience. Italy is a country with layers of rich history and tradition.

On every visit, we learn about new foods, wines, kitchen tools, and customs that we want to incorporate into our lifestyle at home. As one example, I fell in love with pinsa (a Roman flatbread pizza) on our last trip to Italy. Now, I’m obsessively searching for the best pinsa I can find in New York.

If you know someone who similarly loves Italy, an Italian gift will not only make them happy and add a bit of the bella vita (beautiful life) to their life but will also be memorable.

A gift from Italy is a perfect way to say thank you, happy birthday, congratulations, happy holidays, or I’m thinking of you.

Here are some of our favorite Italian gifts or Italian-themed gift recommendations:

Unforgettable Italian Gifts

Farfalloni-Shaped Pot Grips

Italian Gifts: Farfalloni Pot Grips
Farfalloni Pot Grips
Adding fun to my 8-quart stovetop on a rainy day
Adding fun to my 8-quart stovetop on a rainy day

I first spotted these whimsical pot grips at the Eataly store in Manhattan. The company that produces them, Monkey Business, offers a line of kitchen products that are both fun to use and whimsical. The grips are more ample in size than they appear in the photo. 

Made of high-quality washable silicone, the two-piece set of Farfalloni pot grips will be your go-to kitchen tool for safely draining the water from a heavy pasta pot. They have also become one of my favorite Italian gifts. If you’re in New York City, they are also available at the MOMA Design Store.


A Classic Moka Pot

Bialetti Moka Pot
Bialetti Moka Pot

Almost every home in Italy has a well-worn aluminum Moka pot on its stovetop to make espresso in the morning. You can also see them making cameo appearances in most Italian movies or TV series. 

I’m embarrassed to say that we’ve collected quite a few in different sizes, both from the original maker, Bialetti, and also from Alessi, whose sculptural designs make them collection-worthy.

The 3-cup size of the iconic espresso maker is perfect for serving two people (it also comes in a one-cup and larger sizes, too). If you want to go full-fledged Italian, go for the one sporting the colors of the Italian flag.


Pulcina Espresso Pot

Italian gifts: Pulcina Espresso Pot
Pulcina Espresso Pot

The Alessi 3-cup Pulcina with either a red or black handle is an update on the classic.

Designed by Michele de Lucchi, it has a no-drip pouring spout. It looks great on a kitchen counter or glass cabinet shelt and makes a perfect gift for a coffee lover.


Alessi Cappuccino Mugs

Alessi Heart-Shaped Mug
Alessi Heart-Shaped Mug

First I bought two, then I bought two more, and then two more again. Then when I had no more space on my kitchen cabinet shelf, I began buying them as Italian gifts of love (they come packaged in a pretty box).

This heart-shaped, bone china mug has an attractive, eye-catching shape with a thin lip that’s pleasant to drink from. The handle is easy to grip as well. Designed by Miriam Mirri for Alessi, it’s my go-to morning cup for coffee or cappuccino and will be yours!


Alessi Big Love Spoons

Italian Gifts: Alessi Big Love Spoons
Alessi Big Love Spoons

You might think I’m obsessed by Alessi design. Yes, mea culpa.

Love spoons in my kitchen drawer
Love spoons in my kitchen drawer

This is called a set of ice cream spoons but they are my everything spoons. Somehow, I’m always running short of teaspoons from my stainless set (I think I’ve inadvertently thrown a few away, too). I first bought a set of 4 of these spoons at the MOMA Design Store and liked them so much that I bought another set on Amazon.

These stainless heart-shaped spoons by Alessi, also designed by Miriam Mirri, are extra shiny. With a mirror-polish finish that lasts through dishwashing, they are stylish, functional and gift-worthy. They also look great on the table. 


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Farfalle (Strichetti or Butterfly-Shaped) Pasta

Italian gifts: Strichetti pasta from Supermarket Italy
Italian gifts: Strichetti pasta from Supermarket Italy

If you haven’t tasted farfalle, the butterfly-shaped pasta called strichetti in Emilia Romagna, you can purchase an artisanal brand from Supermarket Italy.

Your gift recipient will be able to prepare the pasta at home with a cream or tomato-based sauce.


All-Clad Pasta Ladle

All-Clad Stainless Pasta Ladle
All-Clad Stainless Pasta Ladle

This shiny, stainless pasta ladle is one of my favorite (and most used) kitchen accessories.

It’s extra long, dishwasher safe, highly-polished and looks as good as new after many years of use. The prongs grip pastas of all shapes and sizes. Like other All Clad products, it carries a lifetime warranty.


Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking: 30th Anniversary Edition

Italian Gifts for Food Lovers: Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking has been widely praised. It is filled with 500 regional recipes with easy-to-follow directions. It also offers advice on technique, the craft of cooking, and time-honed wisdom that will be treasured by home cooks of every level.

Many consider it the Bible of Italian cooking and have dubbed Hazan, who was born in Emilia Romagna (the food capital of Italy) its godmother. You’ll want to keep a hardcover copy both as a reference book and also for inspiration. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves Italian cuisine.


A Book for Hopeless Romantics

Love in a Tuscan Kitchen

Anyone who receives this book as a gift will get so caught up that they won’t want to put it down. It’s one of the most intriguing real-life stories I’ve read in a long time.

Beautifully written and illustrated, Love in a Tuscan Kitchen, is Sheryl Ness’ story of finding romance in Italy and ultimately marrying Vincenzo, a Tuscan chef. It is a story of romance infused with keen insights into Tuscan traditions and culture. An added bonus: It also contains a treasure trove of recipes.


How To Be Italian: The Book

How to Be Italian: The Book
How To Be Italian

What a fun book this was to read! In this masterful guide, Australian-Italian author, blogger, and food enthusiast, Maria Pasquale, distills the essence of the Italian lifestyle and culture, and captures it on paper in just over 200 pages.

In doing so, she sheds some light on why Italy is perennially one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and why so many of us are Italian-obsessed.



Sparkling Wine Stopper

Italian Gifts: Kloveo Professional Sparkling Wine Stopper
Kloveo Professional Sparkling Wine Stopper

Anyone who loves Italian sparkling wines (Asti, Prosecco, Lambrusco, Franciacorta and others) will appreciate this Kloveo professional sparkling wine stopper. It’s a nice add-on when your gifting a bottle of sparkling wine.

Made in Italy, it is patented by Italian inventor Walter Fortunato (WAF).  How it works: As pressure builds inside the bottle, the plastic nipple expands outward, creating a ‘bubble-tight’ seal. It is leak-proof and fits all standard neck bottles.


Guzzini Serving Bowl

Italian Gifts: Guzzini Bowls
Guzzini Bowls
Guzzini Serving Bowl
My Guzzini Serving Bowl

Guzzini has been designing Italian gifts, kitchen and homeware for more than a century. The Le Murrine bowl was created by Pio and Tito Toso as an homage of the rich Venetian art of glassmaking. Everyone can always use an extra serving bowl. 

Made of a dishwasher-safe acrylic, it is extremely durable and can be used for serving. But it is also pretty enough to place on a coffee table to add a pop of color to a room. It comes in two sizes and several different color combinations. Comes boxed suitable for gift wrapping.



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