Sponsored Posts Policies on More Time To Travel

MoreTimeToTravel (MTTT) has worked closely with a variety of top-tier companies to help promote travel-related brands, destinations, products and/or services. Sponsored posts offer opportunities for businesses or commercial entities to gain visibility and increase brand awareness on our website.

Yes, we are a bit fussy. We only work with reputable advertisers who will appeal to our niche audience of readers, luxury travelers over the age of 50, and offer them value-added.

We’ve invested a great deal of time in building a unique, high-quality site for the over-50 traveler, which has garnered many accolades and awards. This year, MoreTimeToTravel.com ranked #39 among the Top Travel Blogs for 2019 with a DA of 56, the only blog ranking using a standardized metric. More than five years old, our site has an archive of close to 1000 posts.

(Please note: Guest posts (as opposed to sponsored ones) are strictly limited to travel writers and bloggers.)

Purchasing Sponsored Posts: What You Need To Know


We publish both sponsored feature articles and product reviews.

For featured articles, we offer the option of writing a post for you OR publishing content that you provide. However, the post must be unique (not previously published elsewhere), engaging, well-written and at least 500 words long.

We also reserve the right to edit the submission to meet our editorial standards and to reject posts that aren’t suitable for publication.

For product reviews, we request a sample product and only write about those products that we can heartily endorse to our readers. We also feature popular reader giveaways that typically generate a great deal of reader interest.

About our rates

Custom posts written by us for you start at $750 USD (with cost depending on the complexity of the post). We set up the post to be visually appealing and will either use your high-quality photos or source our own.

Posts written by you or someone on your team start at $500. In this case, too, we will be happy to source photos without additional charge.

Both types of posts will be permanently archived on the site and promoted on social media, as well as in our weekly newsletter.

Payment terms

Custom posts are payable via Paypal, 50% upfront and the balance due within 48 hours of publication. Posts written by you are payable with 48 hours of publication.

Link and disclosure policies

We adhere to FTC and Google policies regarding in-content links and disclosure. While we feel that in-content links can be helpful to readers, we use such links at our discretion and generally reserve them for high-quality, authoritative sites.

We allow up to two no-follow links per sponsored post.

We occasionally consider adding sponsored links to existing blog posts at a fee of $150 per link, with an added disclosure at the end of the post.

Sponsored posts - MoreTimeToTravel

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If you are an experienced travel writer and are interested in our guest post policy, read here.