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Irene weighed in on the psychology of cruise ship etiquette for an article titled, “The Season Of Pool Lounge Chair Turf Wars” on ScaryMommy (May 17, 2024).

WeTheItalians featured the article on the Cento Carnival published on MoreTimeToTravel (February 8, 2024)

The Las Vegas radio program, X107.5 wrote about buddymoons and included Dr. Levine’s tips for planning one (January 6, 2024).

Dr. Levine was asked to weigh in on the “buddymoon” travel trend in an article A Buddy-Buddy Honeymoon in the Style section of The New York Times (December 5, 2023).

Vanessa Nirode of NextAvenue interviewed Dr. Levine for an article, Traveling Solo on a Group Trip Can Change Your Life (December 4, 2003).

Tasting Table wrote about If You Really Have To Break Pasta, Here’s A Trick To Not Making A Mess, mentioning More Time To Travel (August 2, 2023).

Dr. Levine was interviewed by AARP for a story entitled Six Tips for Traveling with Friends or Couples (July 31, 2023).

Dr. Levine was named one of the Best Female Travel Experts To Read and Follow by Tortuga (May 8, 2023).

Dr. Levine’s story on Forbes, Take a Spring Road Trip on the Via Emilia, was syndicated on Si Viaggia, one of the most trafficked websites in Italy.

A story from More Time To Travel, Moving to Italy for Love: A Real-Life Romance Story, was featured in Panoram Italia Magazine, the most widely read publication aimed at Canada’s 1.5 million Italian-Canadians (March 23, 2023).

Dr. Levine was interviewed for an article on repeat vacations, Craving Inner Peace? Try Putting Your Vacation on Repeat, published on Thrillist (February 28, 2023).

MoreTimeToTravel.com was mentioned in a fun article on What To Do With Leftover Spaghetti, published on The Daily Meal (February 2, 2023).

An article on The Daily Meal, entitled, Don’t Make These Common Mistakes at Italian Restaurants mentions MoreTimeToTravel.com (January 21, 2023)  

Mashed.com mentions MoreTimeToTravel.com in an article on food rules, Stanley Tucci Weighs In On The Mystery Of Italy’s Many Food Rules (December 11, 2022) 

An article on The Lyonnaise Brunch Tradition Involving Wine and A Lot Of Meat on TastingTable.com mention MoreTimeToTravel.com (December 8, 2022)

Tasting Table mentions MoreTimeToTravel.com on the “sin” of breaking pasta with a knife. (September 29, 2022)

Dr. Levine weighs in on the benefits of girlfriend getaways in the AARP publication The Girlfriend in an article entitled, Are Any Of You Looking For An Adventure? (August 30, 2022).

Dr. Levine weighs in on vacation regret and how to avoid it, in Regret Isn’t What You Want To Feel After Traveling in The Washington Post. (January 13, 2022)

An article in Buongiorno Rimini, Fellini’s Rimini in the International Press and others in Giornale Rimini and Il Resto del Carlino mention Dr. Levine’s article in Forbes on Stanley Tucci’s visit to Bologna and Emilia Romagna in the TV series, Searching for Italy (March 2021).

An article in Realtor Magazine, Is Your Housing Market Considered A Zoom Town?, Dr. Levine was quoted on the subject of zoom towns that are attracting remote workers (September 2020).

Dr. Levine’s article in Forbes, The New Renaissance in Italy: Inspired by Fellini, was cited in print and online publications in Italy including Rimini Today, Chiamamicitta, BuongiornoRimini and We The Italians (December 2019).

Dr. Levine’s article in Forbes, Three Unforgettable, Under-The-Radar Towns in Italy, was cited in the Italian newspapers, Corriere Salentino, Siena News and Il Resto del Carlino. It also was the basis for an editorial in Forbes Italy (January 2019).

The Italian-language publication ObservatorioSenior.it called out MoreTimeToTravel as an example of the importance of travel bloggers in providing specialized information for over-50 travelers (December 2018).

Dr. Levine was one of the judges for FlightNetwork’s First Annual World’s Ultimate Bucket List© (April 16, 2018).

Dr. Levine was interviewed for an article on boomer travel and travel rewards for CardRates.com (April 6, 2018)

MoreTimeToTravel was recognized by Everything Everywhere on the list of The World’s Best Travel Blogs, ranking #57 (March 28, 2018).

More Time To Travel was recognized as a Top Baby Boomer Blog again for 2018 by the RSS reader, Feedspot (March 10, 2018).

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Titan Travel interviewed Dr. Levine (one of a small number of travel thought leaders) about the relationship between travel and time (February 22, 2018).

Dr. Levine was asked to share her expertise on Traveling with Depression on Smarter Travel (September 2017).

Dr. Levine was interviewed for an article in Atlanta Senior Life, You Still Need a Vacation, Even If You’re Retired (July 2017)

Olde Ipswich Small Group Gourmet Travel added MoreTimeToTravel to its list of “Blogs to Watch” (June 2017)

Skymed, a membership company offering emergency travel services, named MoreTimeToTravel one of its Top Five Baby Boomer Blogs for Travelers (February 2017)

Dr. Levine’s writing on travel advisors in Forbes was quoted in the IOL South African newspaper syndicate personal finance article, Who Needs Travel Agents? (February 2017)

MoreTimeToTravel.com was mentioned in an article on river cruising by Susan Campbell that appeared in Readers Digest Canada (November 2016).

CreditDonkey named MoreTimeToTravel a top female travel blog (November 2016).

Southwest Discoveries named More Time To Travel a top senior adventure blog (October 2016).

Nine dishes in nine cities by nine travel writers on CalculatedTraveller.com includes a pick from More Time To Travel (October 2016).

Methodist Healthcare cited MoreTimeToTravel.com as one of three noteworthy retirement travel blogs (September 2016).

CreditDonkey for placing More Time To Travel on its 2016 list of Best Female Travel Blogs (August 19, 2016).

ElderTreks named More Time To Travel one of the Top Five Senior Travel Blogs (July 27, 2016).

Discover Corps asked 11 boomer travel experts (including us) Why Boomer Travel is Important (July 6, 2016).

Irene and Jerry Levine made the top ten list on Alot of Inspiring Travel Bloggers over-50 (June 2016).

Irene S. Levine was interviewed for an article in Budget Travel about lies that travelers tell (April 12, 2016).

Seasoned travelers, including Irene S. Levine, were asked about their favorite destinations around the world on the iExplore blog (January 31, 2016.)

Irene S. Levine was interviewed about solo travel, friendship and loneliness on the Flavours Holiday (UK) blog (November 25, 2015.)

(In USA Today called No Boys Allowed: Renew Friendship on Girlfriend Getaways, Dr. Levine is quoted in an article discussing the important of girlfriend getaways (November 7, 2015).

Irene S. Levine is honored as winner in the 2015 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Competition (October 5, 2015).

In the Chicago Tribune, Dr. Levine weighs in on the dilemma of “Do you tell your friend she’s a terrible traveler? (September 25, 2015.)

How to Dr. Irene S. Levine was named on of 16 Cool Midlife Women You Should Follow on Twitter on the Huffington Post (September 24, 2015.)

Dr. Irene S. Levine is quoted in an article on cemetery tourism in the Bayfield County Journal (September 3, 2015.)

Dr. Irene S. Levine was quoted in numerous syndicated publications in Italy, such as 24OreNews.it, in articles on home cooking that came out of Expo Milano 2015.

More Time To Travel was named one of the best boomer travel blogs for 2015 by FlipKey (a TripAdvisor-branded rental vacation site)! See the announcement here. (January 29, 2015)

More Time To Travel was recognized as one of the best baby boomer travel blogs by Discover Corps, a grassroots travel company that organizes volunteer excursions. They said the blog was “visually pleasing and well-written.” See the announcement here. (January 21, 2015)

My article on all-inclusive resorts for NextAvenue.org was featured on ForbesAll-Inclusive Resorts Are Back…but can boomers really save? (March 20, 2014)

Irene is interviewed by Jason La of the Los Angeles Times on How Not to Leave Friendship Behind When Traveling (January 19, 2014)

After receiving hundreds of applications from qualified cruise writers around the world, Cruise Voyant hired five cruise experts to contribute quality cruise advice as part of their Content Crew including Irene S. Levine, Joe Cortez, Marcia Frost, John Roberts and Tina Arnoldi (November 27. 2103).

Irene contributed some of her favorite spots in San Miguel de Allende for Sue Campbell’s article in Reader’s Digest Canada on 10 Less Traveled Mexico Destinations (October 1, 2013).

Irene contributed a tip to 25 Great Tips For Planning Your Trip From Top Travel Bloggers (August 6, 2013).

Irene was interviewed by MainStreet on What to Do in NYC (July 29, 2013).

Marlo Thomas of Mondays with Marlo interviews Irene as an expert on friendship for a segment on traveling with friends (June 2, 2013). 

Guest post by Irene on Weathering Your Vacation Anxieties on the MedjetAssist Blog (May 31, 2013).

Boomer Women Travelers Editor Catherine Sweeney, also of Traveling with Sweeney, interviews Irene for this Boomer Women Traveler Profile (May 31, 2013).

Teaching Families Health Habits with Agritourism – Peter Greenberg.com quotes Irene on the value of agritourism for families (October 25, 2012)

Travel expert Johnny Jet interviews Irene for The Travel Insider (October 17, 2012)

Meet Travel Writer Dr. Irene S. Levine – NBC Universal Life Goes Strong – Read about my circuitous path to becoming a travel writer (July 3, 2012)

Blog Spotlight! – More Time to Travel is a blog that covers travel for middle aged readers. It offers advice, information and inspiration on destinations, food, hotels, cruises and other related topics. The blog was founded and is penned by Dr. Irene Levine. Follow More Time to Travel on Twitter at @moretime2travel and Levine at @irenelevine. For more information, visit www.moretimetotravel.com.  (Cision Navigator – June 22, 2012)

ASJA Member Launches New Travel Site – Society Page (American Society of Journalists and Authors – June 21, 2012)

Planning Makes Travel with Friends a Dream – AssociaLiving (Live & Style for Community Associations – June 1, 2012)

Six Boomer Travel Blogs That You Should Know – shout-out on My Itchy Travel Feet; (also on AZCentral.com on May 22, 2012)

Planning a Girlfriend’s GetawaySelecting Your Friends and Travel Companions on Frommer’s (2011)