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About More Time To Travel

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Thanks for visiting More Time To Travel. This site is designed to provide advice, information, and inspiration for travelers who have reached their midlife milestone birthday and, like me, probably have sighed and said, “I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.”

All website content is produced and largely written by Irene S. Levine Ph.D., an award-winning journalist, author, and blogger who has written many hundreds of articles—on health, mental health, travel, and lifestyles—for some of the nation’s leading magazines, newspapers, newsletters and websites. Irene has been a regular contributor to Forbes/travel since 2018.

This website especially highlights destinations; food, wine, and other culinary experiences; history and culture; cruising; and virtual travel. We are priviliged to work with several regular contributors who are also seasoned travel experts.

Our target audience 

Many of us travel more than ever when we reach midlife and beyond.

At this time of life, it’s common for careers, interests, friendships, and caregiving responsibilities (for children, grandchildren, and parents) to change in nature and intensity. Suddenly, there’s more time to travel, along with a wanderlust for exploring different places, savoring new tastes, and immersing ourselves in other cultures.

While the content you’ll find here leans towards luxury experiences, boomers born of depression-era parents are always mindful of value. They try not to spend more than they have, or to spend more than they have to. 

Our track record of excellence

Throughout her travel writing career, Irene has been recognized by her peers with awards from some of the most prestigious travel writing organizations, including the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). 

More Time To Travel was named one of the best boomer travel blogs by FlipKey (a TripAdvisor-branded rental vacation site) as well as one of the best baby boomer travel blogs by Discover Corps, a grassroots travel company that organizes volunteer excursions.

This award-winning site reflects our own experiences as a member of this cohort. Typically, Irene’s husband is her favored travel companion; he’s also a top-rate photographer whose pictures make my words come alive.

Of course, every traveler sees the world through his/her own lens. Since I’m trained as a psychologist, I like to think that I’ve honed my powers of observation, skills in relating to people, and ability to synthesize information over the years.

I’ve been thoroughly enthralled by my “second act” as a freelance travel writer and guide, and invite you to take this journey with me.

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