5 Tours for Multigenerational Families

Multigenerational Family Travel

It is becoming increasingly common for multigenerational families (several generations of one family) to take a vacation together—a fantastic way for a family to build better bonds, reduce costs and still have a great time.

Of course, taking a vacation this way can create additional pressure when everyone is forced to live in close quarters. This is why it is important to look at venues that will allow you to have different rooms or even different hotels.

In fact, most tour operators are finding more multigenerational vacations are being booked through them. Every member of the family can do their own thing and have their own space. This will ensure the trip is stress-free and improves the family bonds.

Here are 5 great options to help you choose the right vacation for your multigenerational family experience:

1) Europe – Amsterdam to Budapest


If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Europe, then this is the best way to do it! Take a 14-night cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and experience classic architecture, beautiful landscapes and a variety of cultures.

You’ll start in Amsterdam, a city that needs no introduction. It is vibrant with a laid-back atmosphere and fascinating history, such as the Anne Frank museum.

From there you’ll travel along the canals to the city of Cologne in Germany. This is a small city but one that is steeped in gothic history. Moving through Germany, you’ll then get to experience Austria, Slovakia and finally end up in Budapest, Hungary.

Every member of the family is guaranteed a good time. It doesn’t matter how old they are or what interests they have.

2) Explore The Rhine

The Rhine
The Rhine

This German river actually passes into France, Switzerland and even Holland. If you’re looking for something that will appeal to three or even four generations, then this is it!

Again, you can start this magnificent cruise in Amsterdam and enjoy the culture and history of a multitude of museums. You can even visit the gothic city of Cologne. But that’s where any similarity to the first cruises ends.

Head through the Rhine Gorge and be enthralled by the ancient castles standing 400 feet above the water. Let your imagination run wild at the stories these buildings have to share.

But don’t forget to visit the Gutenberg Museum and take a look at the red sandstone gothic cathedral situated in Strasbourg, France.

3) The Danube – Vienna to Passau

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

Start in Vienna with a little romance. This is the capital of Austria and one of the most romantic places in the world.

It’s also the city of music; which should help to keep the other members of the family entertained.

You can then enjoy the Wachau Valley and visit Durnstein or even see one of Europe’s most famous castles, Neuschwanstein. You may know it as the inspiration for Walt Disney; a subject that can touch every generation.

The cruise also takes in several stunning villages including Oberammergau which performs the Passion Play once a decade. It’s unlikely you’ll ever see scenery as impressive as this.

4) The Black Sea To The North Sea

The Black Sea
The Black Sea

You’ll be glad you’re cruising as you move along this epic voyage. The temperature is almost certain to get lower the further north you go.

This cruise starts in Bucharest and ends up in Amsterdam. You’ll see a host of historic buildings on the way and can undertake guided sightseeing trips if you desire.

The boat leaves from Fetesti and moves straight into the mouth of the Danube. You’ll get the opportunity to see Constanta and Bulgaria as well as the Church of the Nativity and the Iron Gates.

You’ll have the opportunity to see and explore parts of Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria.

The fun of the cruise will mix perfectly with the culture, history, and scenery that you can only really experience on a cruise.

5) Iconic River Cruise

Iconic river cruise

Test the waters of the Rhine, Danube and the Main on one epic cruise. It’s certain to be one that you and the rest of your family will talk about for generations!

This is another cruise that starts in Amsterdam and gives you the opportunity to discover this amazing city before you step foot on the boat. You may not want to leave its sophisticated and vibrant ambiance.

You can then sail through the Rhine Gorge and stop in Rudesheim. This will give you the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas before moving through the Main Danube Canal that links the Main and the Danube.

Check out Austria and Hungary before moving onto the lower Danube and see the underground burial chambers, the Iron Gates Gorge and even the ancient church of Tarnova and Arbanassi.

Finish the multigenerational experience in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It has a lot to offer; the name “Paris of the East” is deserved!

The bottom line is to ensure a stress-free multigenerational family cruise you need to plan it together and give each other enough time to enjoy it. This will make the time spent together much more beneficial.

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By Irene S. Levine on Considerable: Take A Getaway The Whole Family Will Love


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