Sensational wine-themed hotels and resorts

Photo credit: The Yeatman, Portugal
Photo credit: The Yeatman, Portugal

Interested in wine? Love to travel? Wine-themed hotels and resorts cater to wine lovers—from those who enjoy tasting and learning about wines to serious connoisseurs whose passion drives them to visit vineyards and winemakers.

Wine and travel have always been closely intertwined. Over the past decade, the hospitality industry has begun banking on that connection, creating a cache of hotels and resorts that are at minimum wine-themed, if not directly tied to vineyards and wineries.

“Part of wine’s allure is that it is linked to the place and culture that produces it,” says Maureen Costura, an anthropologist and assistant professor of liberal arts at the Culinary Institute of America.

Wine has traditionally been highly associated with a wealthy way of life, she says. But these days, drinking and knowing about wines has become far more democratized and popularized.

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These properties offer wine-pairings, seminars, hands-on wine-making classes and more. Many bring in celebrity chefs and sommeliers to add to the fun. Each one is located in a beautiful setting that would be well worth visiting even if there were not a sip of wine to be had.

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