6 Tips for Visiting an Ice Bar

Ice Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark
Ice Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark

Yes, a visit to an ice bar is a bit kitsch—but everyone should do it once for the novelty and for the photo-ops. Here are some tips for visiting an ice bar:

  • Don’t be preoccupied with dressing warmly. Although temperatures are usually kept at -5°, you’ll usually be outfitted with gloves and a cape when you get there, and you won’t be staying too long. Wear warm socks and closed shoes since the floors are usually made of metal.
  • Ice bars are popular with tourists so be sure to call and make reservations ahead of time—and check the hours, which vary by season.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera and take as many pictures as possible. You’ll notice artistic flourishes (ice sculptures, wall designs, etc.) in the photographs that you may have missed during the excitement of your visit.
  • Don’t expect a full bar menu. Most commonly, you’ll have a choice of an ice-cold vodka shot, or cocktail mixing vodka with a berry puree. Juice is usually available for non-drinkers.
  • You don’t need to be in a cool climate to visit an ice bar. They are located in many large cities around the world and there’s even one in Orlando, which is the largest permanent ice bar in the world.
  • No, you can’t keep the glasses as a souvenir. They are made of ice and melt after use. You can buy inexpensive shot glass molds on Amazon.

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