Ten money-saving tips for cruisers

Berlitz New Complete Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships 2013
Berlitz New Complete Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships 2013

Berlitz has announced the release of the 28th edition of its Complete Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships 2013. One of the goals of the book is to help cruisers get the best cruise for their buck.

Here are ten tips from the book’s author, Douglas Ward, on how to save money on your next cruise:

1. Research online, but book through a real cruise-travel agency.

2. Cut through the sales hype and get to the bottom line.

3. Make sure that all taxes are included.

4. Book early—the most desirable itineraries go soonest. If air travel is involved, remember that air fares tend to rise in peak seasons.

5. Another reason to book early—the best cabins and locations go sooner rather than later.

6. Book a cabin on a lower deck—the higher the deck the more expensive it will be.

7. An interior (no view) cabin is cheaper if you can live without natural light.

8. Be flexible with your dates—go off-season when fares will be lower.

9. Book an older (pre-1980) ship—the newest ships are more expensive.

10. Do purchase travel cancellation insurance—your cruise is an investment, after all.

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