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  1. Hi Irene,

    Thank you for including me — and my oh-so-gorgeous group in Madrid — for this timely article.

    The sharing culture created by Airbnb, Uber, and meal sharing sites is, I believe, a direct result of, or backlash if you will, of the complete separateness created by technology. We all need to feel connected, and meal sharing brings folks together in a unique way, across cultures!

    Wishing you safe and happy travels,

  2. I know about community tables at restaurants and intimate pop-up dinners where strangers may share tables- but this is new for me. Thanks for widening my dining horizons.

  3. I love that travel is becoming more and more about getting under the skin of the locals – as in the AirBnB example you equated this with –
    I assume then like AirBnB these home dinners will operate on a review system where once someone has a few under their belt the danger of the visitor going in totally blind is removed?

    1. Many have reviews…because some are new, the reviews may be minimal in number. HomeFoods in Italy, for example, has the oversight of an organization.

      You raise an important point, Linda.

  4. We’ve always marveled at how easy it is to meet new friends while traveling and how difficult it was to meet and make new friends when we lived in the US. Maybe travelers are more open to new experiences and setting aside some of the more confining social barriers … ? For whatever reasons, social dining sounds like a great way to continue to expand one’s circle of new and interesting friends. I’d love to try this!

  5. I love that dining with strangers is becoming more popular. I frequently travel alone and don’t enjoy sitting at a table by myself at all. This is a great way to experience dining in different countries as well as make new friends.

  6. I had just learned to ask the question, “May we join you?” when we wanted company in our travels. But these apps will bring more to the table, undoubtedly! We joined Visa Signature Events that also bring to the table Visa Signature cardholders you never met before. In our parish, we always joined a Supper Club where four couples rotate hosting dinner among their home and when done, go to another group of new couples. It is always a fun way to meet! Thanks for writing about it.

  7. I simply love that these type of businesses are growing and doing well. Any time people can get together, share a delicious meal and learn from each other its wonderful. It should be included on everyones itinerary.

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