Lily Trotters: Compression socks that look pretty

July 23, 2015
Lily Trotter's Chorus Line

The idea of designer compression socks may sound like an oxymoron but women no longer have to sacrifice fashion for fitness. I recently received a pair of Lily Trotter black compression socks for review that are splattered with lime green and fuschia polka dots. They look so cute that it’s a shame to hide them under slacks!

My husband has worn compression socks on long flights for several years for obvious reasons: They improve blood flow to the legs, reducing the risk of potentially deadly blood clots that can travel to the brain. Since we take international flights quite often, I’ve been tempted to follow suit but never was motivated to pick up a pair at the local surgical supply store. Admittedly, my vanity got in the way.

Lily Trotters are available in five different designs, have cushioned heels and reinforced toes, offer high performance gradient compression (15-20 mmHg), are breathable and antimicrobial–and made in the USA. (They claim to be easier to take on and off than other brands but I have no basis for comparison. Putting on any form-fitting sock over ankle length will take some practice.)

The socks are the brainchild of creative Susan Costa-Walston who grew up in Mount Kisco, the town next to mine. The product was fully funded less than seven hours after it was launched on Kickstarter. Obviously, it aroused the interest of many style-conscious women, whether they were travelers, marathon runners or simply people who spend a great deal of time on their feet.

My polka dot Lily Trotter compression socks

My polka dot Lily Trotter compression socks

If you haven’t yet seen the campaign, please check it out on Kickstarter. There are options for EARLY BIRD discounts at different levels of support.

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Disclosure: I received a pair of these socks for review but any thoughts expressed in this post are my own.  I would never compromise my integrity for a pair of socks no matter how they pretty they were:-)

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