I fell in love with Ricky Martin in Cancun: And tips for attending concerts

The Ricky Martin concert poster
The Ricky Martin concert poster
The Ricky Martin concert poster

A first-person report from the Ricky Martin concert at Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico

We were so excited to be invited to attend the Ricky Martin concert, which was held last night on the lush grounds of Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, one of Cancun’s largest properties with more than 2000 guest rooms.


The vast resort is spread over 123 acres of tropical greenery with 2000 feet of beach overlooking the Caribbean and has an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course that served as the setting for the concert. What fun it was to listen to Ricky Martin’s music under a star-lit sky with a largely Mexican audience.

1-IMG_6713 2-IMG_6726 3-IMG_6729 4-IMG_6748 5-IMG_6762 7-IMG_6698 Boomers may remember the strikingly handsome Puerto Rican superstar from his days as part of the group Menudo, or from his smash hit “Living la Vida Loca.”

With his sexy Spanish rhythms and beautifully choreographed dance routines, Martin mesmerized the audience on stage and on large video screens, whether he appeared in a white suit or black muscle shirt. I was sorry that my Spanish skills aren’t better because I probably missed much in translation. But the audience was extremely embracing, singing along with Ricky. He told them that Mexico was one of the places where he had been most warmly welcomed at the beginning of his career and was especially happy to return.

Ricky Martin (Photo credit: Palace Resorts)
Ricky Martin (Photo credit: Palace Resorts)

It was a great evening. Not being a regular concert goer, I easily came up with five take-away tips for boomers:

1- Don’t overdress

You’re not at the Opera. People are here to relax and have fun. If the concert is outdoors at night bring a shawl or sweater. The ground under our feet was pretty muddy; I was glad I didn’t wear heels or fancy flats.

2- Don’t over-carry

Ditch the big purse and put a few dollars, your cellphone (with its camera, of course) and your ticket in a pocket or small clutch. That’s all you will need and anything more will be encumbering.

3- Don’t sit still 

Move with the music. No one will get angry if you stand and no one stays in their seats anymore anyway.

4- Prepare an exit strategy

Everyone may not come at the same time but everyone leaves at once. Arrange transportation beforehand. It’s also a good idea to set up a meeting point if you’re with other people.

5- Don’t miss out on the fun

If the opportunity strikes, take advantage of it. The joys of music, light and dance are universal and ageless! When you’re traveling, it is one of the nicest ways to immerse yourself in another culture and meet locals.

Moon Palace has a number of upcoming “great performances” planned for 2014 including the super group Chicago on February 14-15 and Grammy winner Michael Bolton on March 29-30. Resort packages are available that include complimentary concert tickets.

Disclosure: Our concert attendance was hosted by Moon Palace but any opinions expressed in this post are our own.

Take a peek at why I fell in love with Ricky (on YouTube).

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