Wines and Spirits: Catch the spirit in Los Cabos

July 22, 2016
Tomato martini
Los Arcos in Los Cabos

Los Arcos in Los Cabos

Sipping the wine and spirits of a destination is another way to learn about local history, culture and cuisine. Often, it simultaneously allows visitors to meet locals as well as other travelers in a relaxed setting—whether it is at a hotel bar, tasting room, or restaurant table.

We’ve had the good fortune to enjoy more than a decade of winter vacations in Los Cabos where we’ve learned about Mexican wines, beers and spirits. We’ve enjoyed sipping tequilas and mezcals; tasting local cocktails (including a variety of Margaritas);and sampling the excellent wines of the Guadalupe Valley, also in Baja. We’ve discovered how these drinks complement Mexican cuisine.

So—I was delighted to write a piece for  that showcases some of the unique wine and spirit experiences that contribute to making Los Cabos such a great destination for a vacation getaway.

You can read my article in its entirety on by clicking here: Catch the Spirit in Los Cabos, Mexico

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