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Where to find the best New York Bagels

January 31, 2016
Bagel (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Evan-Amos)

Bagel (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Evan-Amos)

I recently wrote about three places to find the best New York bagels. The article was published by the Mastercard Priceless Cities, a program that helps cardholders explore and find special offers for cardholders in major cities around the world.

Although New York bagels are copied all over the world, they are never quite duplicated. (We even found decent bagels in China.) Perhaps, it’s because the secret ingredients that make New York bagels unique are the quality of the city’s tap water, and the love and care that going into creating them.

New Yorkers eat bagels throughout the day—both as fast-food breakfasts and as all-day noshes. They also buy baker’s dozens (13 or 14 bagels, depending on the venue) to take home and freeze. Of course, they taste best when they’re warm, fresh out of the oven from one of the numerous bagel bakeries spread across the city.

To read about a few of my favorite bagel emporiums, check out the Mastercard Priceless Cities website.

From Zagat on YouTube: Bagel Battle Royal

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    January 31, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    Great information, and I do love New York bagels. But have you ever had a Montreal bagel? I grew up with them, and there’s nothing like them in the world. If you haven’t and you’re curious, please visit my website (, and put “bagels” in the search field.

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