Advice on How to Keep Traveling with Bad Knees & Other Stuff

While age isn’t necessarily associated with bad knees, flat feet, aching backs or other travel limitations, the odds of one thing or another breaking, weakening, aching, declining or going bad generally increase with age. Travel writer Judy Wells hasn’t allowed bad knees or any other physical limitations to slow her down. I was delighted to speak to this prolific travel writer about how she’s adapted and managed to stay on the move despite physical setbacks.

Child-free cruising: How to avoid cruises with too many children

This post may not be politically correct so forgive me. Generally, I’m not a child-averse person but I have to be honest. Like many travelers over 50, unless I’m traveling with my own kids or with my own grandchildren (which I’m not yet blessed to have), I prefer a sedate, relaxing cruise without the patter…

Discovering Columbus: A Unique View of Manhattan

Discovering Columbus: A Unique View of Manhattan

If you are headed to New York City, don’t miss Discovering Columbus, the new temporary public art installation on display at Columbus Circle in New York City. At the invitation of the Public Art Fund, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has wrapped an inviting living room around the iconic statue of Christopher Columbus. The exhibit is…