The Chilly Jilly Wrap: Bet You’ll Want More Than One

Published on: March 9, 2013 | Last Updated on June 23, 2019
The Chilly Jilly Wrap comes in 18 colors.

The name of this travel product, Chilly Jilly, captures its playful spirit: It’s a scarf and a wrap rolled up in one.

One scarf, multiple uses

Lightweight but warm and good-looking – it is the perfect accessory to take on your next trip because it has multiple, practical uses: When leaving home to make early morning flights in the winter, I wore it around my neck as a scarf. It provided sufficient warmth without bulk even on the coldest days.

In a chilly airplane cabin, it’s the extra layer you need to stay comfortable since many airlines don’t offer passengers blankets anymore, and if they do, they come at a price. Lastly, at warm-weather resort destinations or on cruise ships, I was able to use it as a pretty shawl at dinner on breezy evenings.

Made of a blend of microfiber and spandex, the fabric has an attractive ruffle-like edge, nice sheen, is machine-washable and stays wrinkle-free. When you’re not using it, you can stash your Chilly Jilly in its convenient, paisley drawstring pouch (6”x5”) and tuck it into your purse or carryon.

Because it comes in 18 colors, you may want more than one. It makes the perfect gift for any of your girlfriends who travel.

The Details

The wrap is 64” wide, 19” long and fits size 0-14. It is available for $35 at

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