The staycation as an alternative to summer travel

July 16, 2014

Recent Google analytics looked at the staycation phenomenon.

Everyone wants a change of pace, especially over the summer. Unless you are a student or teacher (enjoying a long-awaited summer vacation), the dog days of July and August can feel much the same as the rest of the year.

But many people are finding that an overnight staycation can be a great way to recharge and have fun—even if the time you can be away is short and funds are limited. That’s why these mini-getaways have been become a popular alternative in recent years.

Earlier today, the travel industry publication Skift reported on Google search data (on hotel destinations) that sheds some light on regional interests in staycations across the U.S. The infographic pasted below displays some interesting trends that include:

1) Searches for the term “staycations” were up 10 percent this year over last.

2) New Yorkers are most likely people to search for hotel destinations in the Big Apple, followed by searches for hotels in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Miami and Boston.

3) Denizens of Washington, DC tend to search for hotel destinations within driving distance: with DC, New York and Ocean City being the top three picks.

4) Similarly, people from Atlanta, northern California, and Chicago are mostly likely to search for hotels close to home.

5) The outliers: Clearly, Los Angelenos are different. They are most likely to be headed to Las Vegas.

6) And one other finding: Everyone had Las Vegas on their list. You can bet that hotel rooms in Sin City will be filled this summer.


Download a PDF of the Staycation infographic here.

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