ShaveTech: A travel shaver for the techie guy

Published on: February 22, 2013 | Last Updated on March 21, 2022
The ShaveTech travel shaver comes in black and white.

When traveling, my goal is always to pack light and small. The ShaveTech shaver meets both criteria perfectly because it’s very lightweight and even much smaller than an iPhone.

My husband ordinarily uses disposable travel shavers, opting to leave his bulky electric and charger base at home. But ShaveTech is especially convenient because it can be charged using any USB power source, including your computer, without any cables or cords. A light indicator shows when the charge is complete and the unit maintains its charge for 30 minutes of shaving. 

Report from the front (of my hubby’s face): It’s perfect for stubble and touchups in the evening but is a bit frustrating to use with longer hairs. It’s easy to clean and, in combination with a disposable, can be a nice alternative to a traditional electric shaver. When we travel to Europe, he can use it without hogging one of the converters I use for my hair blower or hot iron. 

Available in a shiny black or white casing, its sleek, contemporary design makes it gift-worthy for the tech-savvy traveler or any geek who uses a laptop. I’ve yet to try it on my legs. 🙂

Available for $39.99 from Amazon or at

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