Second Time Around: Destination vow renewals at all-inclusive resorts

June 8, 2015
Photo credit: Secrets Resorts

Photo credit: Secrets Resorts

If you are planning a destination vow renewal, an all-inclusive resort might offer the perfect setting.

In a popular ballad of the 60s, Frank Sinatra croons that love is sweeter the “second time around.”

The same might be said about renewing wedding vows—with a growing number of couples opting to reaffirm their commitments to each other by planning destination vow renewals at all inclusive resorts.

Wedding guru Sharon Naylor, author of more than 30 wedding books, interviewed couples of different ages and backgrounds for her book, Renewing Your Wedding Vows: A Complete Planning Guide to Saying “I Still Do” and views vow renewals as part of the increasingly popular genre of “romance travel.”

Some couples plan destination celebrations to commemorate milestone anniversaries; some to celebrate being together after being apart (e.g. after military deployment); some to make up for the weddings they couldn’t have (e.g. because they eloped or couldn’t afford them), and others to express gratitude for having survived a stress or trauma that threatened their marriage (e.g. separation or a health crisis).

“It’s fabulous to renew your vows where you got married or honeymooned, or at a dream resort you couldn’t afford when you were just starting out,” says Naylor.

“And yes, we also see couples who just love throwing parties and getting their loved ones together,” she adds.

As a result, all inclusive resorts are designing appealing vow renewal packages that offer special perks, in addition to the extras commonly associated with vacations at all inclusives.

An article I recently wrote for (June 8, 2015), outlines three top all-inclusive resorts for vow renewals. These include Velas Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and Riviera Nayarit; Palace Resorts in Cancun and Jamaica; and Secrets Resorts in Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

You can read about these destination vow renewal packages on

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