Regent Seven Seas Dress Code and Packing List: Sail in Style

Regent Seven Seas Grandeur

We have been on several Regent Seven Seas cruises in the Caribbean, Europe, and New England/Canada, and want to share our experience to help you pack for your next voyage. If you’re like me, packing for a vacation can be one of the most tedious parts of travel.

On an ultra-luxury cruise, you can expect most of your fellow passengers to be fairly sophisticated and the feel of the ship to be somewhat akin to a private club. So especially for first-time cruisers, its common to wonder what to pack and what to leave home.

However, rest assured. Like most high-end cruises, the Regent Seven Seas dress code has become more relaxed over the years. (For Regent, this officially began in 2010 when the cruise line said the change was a result of guest feedback “convincingly” in favor of a less formal policy.)

Getting ready to pack for a Regent Seven Seas Cruise
Getting ready to pack for a Regent Seven Seas Cruise

All these suggestions are designed to answer commonly asked questions and simplify the task. This post also includes a free downloadable Regent Seven Seas packing list

What is the official Regent Seven Seas Dress Code?

Most cruise lines have a section on their websites that addresses the respective line’s dress code. 

The Regent Seven Seas website recommends resort-style “country club casual” for daytime wear, both on the ship and on shore excursions.

After 6 PM, the evening dress code is informal and somewhat flexible: The site describes it as “elegant casual” or formal (black tie optional).

The dress code also appears on your boarding documents and, as a reminder, on the newsletter you receive each night for the next day.

Exceptions to the Regent Official Dress Code

One notable exception to this code is the last night of each voyage. On that night, the dinner dress code is Casual because some guests will have already packed their suitcases for early departures the next day.

Another exception: On 16 nights or more sailings, formal or semi-formal attire is optional on two evenings. Guests can opt for the elegant casual look. Women can wear cocktail dresses or gowns, and men can wear tuxedos, dinner jackets, or dark suits (with or without a tie).

In our experience, we’ve only seen a small number of men in tuxedos. One exception may be special events (a Captain’s Welcome Gala) or holidays, like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, when passengers are more likely to dress formally. Special events on board, such as the Captain’s Welcome Gala or themed nights, may have a specific dress code. Be sure to check with the cruise line beforehand to know what to expect.

If you are the type who is reluctant to “dress up” on formal nights, you can conveniently opt for room service in your stateroom (garbed in your fluffy robe) or for casual dining at the poolside grill until 8 PM. In warm weather climates, the oversized balconies on the ship can be enjoyed as  private dining venues.

What is Country Club Casual (daytime wear)?

Although the term is imprecise, country club casual generally refers to a comfortable, relaxed look that one might wear to a country club. (For those who aren’t part of the country club crowd, it’s a look we would imagine others would wear to a club or upscale restaurant).

In the simplest terms, for women, country club casual usually suggests classic pieces in nice quality fabrics, a pair of slacks or capris with a top, or a dress or sundress.

For men, this means a collared shirt with a pair of pants.

What is Elegant Casual?

Dining Room on Regent Seven Seas Grandeur
Spectacular Compass Rose Dining Room on Regent Seven Seas Grandeur that resembles an Enchanted Forest  (credit: Jerome Levine)

Elegant Casual is one step above country club casual but short of formal. 

Neither a sports jacket nor tie is recommended for men. (Studies generally suggest fewer people wear ties for social occasions than was common in the past.)

Male passengers often wear pants with a long-sleeved shirt, with or without a sweater or sports jacket. Anecdotally, we noticed that fewer men wore sports jackets in the Compass Rose (the main dining room) than at specialty restaurants. 

Ready to attend a show
Ready to attend a show with my shawl(credit: Jerome Levine)

Women can wear a dress or pantsuit or accessorize their daytime casual slacks and a top with a pretty scarf or shawl and travel jewelry.

Why Packing Lists Differ

My walk-in closet on Seven Seas Grandeur
My walk-in closet on Seven Seas Grandeur (credit: Irene S. Levine)

Our Regent Seven Seas Packing List offers some suggestions. But deciding what to wear and what to pack will vary, of course, based on several factors:

  • The ship and itinerary of your voyage
  • The season of the year and weather forecasts
  • Your personal style, and 
  • Whether you tend to adhere to rules and codes and/or care about what others think

In terms of itineraries, most Regent Seven Seas cruises are 10-14 days, but many book longer itineraries or multiple cruise segments. 

Guests can simplify their packing for lengthier cruises because all Regent Seven Seas cruises guests can take advantage of complimentary valet laundry service during their cruise.

When I recently soiled one of my favorite tops, I left it in the laundry bag placed in my cabin, and the garment was cleaned and hung neatly in my closet the next evening.

On our most recent cruise on Regent Seven Seas Grandeur, our walk-in closet was so oversized that I could have brought my entire wardrobe.

Are Dress Codes Strictly Enforced?

Photo shoot of a perfectly dressed young couple with gray hair on Regent Mariner (credit: Jerome Levine)
Photo shoot of a perfectly dressed youngish couple with gray hair on Regent Mariner (credit: Jerome Levine)

We saw an idealized version of the Regent Dress Code when we were privy to see a photo shoot take place on our voyage on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner (see above photo).

In reality, dress codes on luxury cruises are rarely enforced, especially for minor violations, and many people don’t comply.

But at specialty restaurants and on a formal night, a maitre d’ or other crew member may remind someone of the dress code. So adherence can avoid embarrassment, inconvenience, and other passengers looking at you askance.

Attire That Might Turn Heads on a Regent Cruise: What Not To Wear 

These are some of the apparel that are NOT acceptable on a Regent Seven Seas cruise:

  • Wearing bathing suits is not allowed in restaurants and lounges. During the day, a woman can skirt this rule by wearing a pretty cover-up.
  • Although wearing jeans or sweats after 6 PM is frowned upon (for men and women), many women do opt to wear dress jeans (as opposed to torn or distressed ones) to dinner.
  • After 6 PM, wearing shorts is discouraged in lounges and public spaces. 
  • Men’s tee shirts without collars are not suitable for evening wear.
  • Although lovely sandals are acceptable, wearing rubber flip-flops or tennis shoes is probably not.
  • Men and women should avoid garish prints, loud colors, and tee shirts emblazoned with political statements.

Sample Regent Seven Seas Packing List for Women (10-14 day Cruise)

  • 5-6 tops (long-sleeved and sleeveless or short-sleeved; casual and elegant)
  • 4-5 pairs of comfortable pants (slacks, dressy jeans, leggings, or cropped pants)
  • 2-3 dresses or skirts (with tops) 
  • 1 lightweight jacket or sweater
  • 1 shawl
  • 1 raincoat or waterproof jacket 
  • 1 packable down jacket
  • Exercise wear for the gym/spa
  • 1 pair of comfortable sneakers or walking shoes
  • 1 pair each of sandals or ballet flats
  • 1 pair of boots (optional)
  • 1 pair of pajamas or a nightgown
  • Bras, underwear and socks for each day
  • A swimsuit and coverup 
  • A sunhat

Other packing considerations

As mentioned previously, weather can vary. On one trip to Europe in winter, I could have kicked myself because I hadn’t brought a swimsuit and the weather was unseasonably warm. 

  • Opt for layers because the weather can change on a dime, even during the course of a single day.
  • Choose a consistent color theme so you can mix and match outfits. I tend to prefer neutrals like black, white, beige, and gray. 
  • Choose lightweight fabrics that don’t wrinkle or add weight or heft to your suitcase whenever possible.
  • Cruise ships tend to be well air-conditioned, especially in the theaters, so you will want something to throw over your shoulders.
  • Bring any additional gear you may need if you are planning outdoor activities (hiking, snorkeling, or diving).

The Bottom Line on Packing for a Luxury Cruise

Before you pack, read the Regent Seven Seas Cruises FAQs.

But on any luxury or ultra-luxury cruise, don’t go overboard about packing. If you feel comfortable and look presentable, you’ll have an exceptional cruise experience.

Free downloadable Regent Seven Seas Packing List

Download the packing list here.

Some of our favorite things to wear on a Regent Seven Seas Cruise

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For Women

Vineyard Vines Ribbed Cashmere Stripe Sweater

VIneyard Vines Cashmere Ribbed Sweater
Vineyard Vines Cashmere Ribbed Sweater

Vineyard Vines Ribbed Cashmere Stripe Sweater is perfect for a coolish evening or in dining rooms that may be air-conditioned to excess.

It offers a polished nautical look, and I can either wear it by itself or with a shell underneath for extra warmth. If you are headed for a Caribbean cruise, this lightweight comfortable sweater comes in pastel pink and white.

NYDJ Pintuck Blouse

NYDJ Pintuck Blouse
NYDJ Pintuck Blouse

I usually bring a couple of these NYDJ Pintuck Blouses with me. They never wrinkle, are easy to pack, and are cool and comfy. They come in an almost infinite number of colors and patterns, but I’m particularly fond of this Lotus Leaf pattern.

Made of 100% polyester (that looks more like silk than polyester), they are machine washable and don’t require ironing after you tumble dry them, taking them out of the dryer when they are slightly damp.

Hue Game Changing Hi-Rise Capri Leggings

Hue High-Rise Capri Leggings
Hue High Rise Capri Leggings

These Hue Game Changing Hi-Rise Capri Leggings are as comfortable as a glove, perfect for warm-weather excursions or heading to the gym. The high-rise silhouette offers a nice fit with a comfortable waistband.

They come in khaki, denim, and white.

Vineyard Vines Harbor Tiered Ruffle-Sleeve Dress

Vineyard Vines Sundress
Vineyard Vines Sundress

This adorable Vineyard Vines Harbor Tiered Ruffle Dress is made of easy-to-wear seersucker. It’s figure-flattering with flutter sleeves, cool, crisp, and easy to wear. It’s also moisture-wicking and quick-drying.

It offers UPF 30+ sun protection and comes in a choice of coral, blue and white stripe, or black. Any of them can easily transition from the pool to brunch.  

Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajama Set


Cozy Earth Pajama Set
Cozy Earth Pajama Set

This Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajama Set comes with long or short sleeves in 11 different colors. Easy to wash and sleep in, they come with a 10-year warranty to ensure you like them.

I love my set because the temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking fabric feels cozy but never makes me feel warm. 

Rothy’s Ballet Flats

Rothy's Ballet Flats
Rothy’s Ballet Flats

I always travel with one or two pairs of Rothy’s ballet flats because they are lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for daytime or evening wear. The nautical blue ones are also a great choice for cruisers. One of the brand’s newer designs, The Mary Jane, has an adorable stretchy strap and comes in a square or round toe.

Vionic Uptown Loafer

Vionic Packable Uptown Loafer
Vionic Packable Uptown Loafer

I’ve always appreciated the fit and comfort of Vionic shoes. But what’s amazing about the new Vionic Uptown Loafer is that not only is it attractive, but it is so packable. It actually collapses to take up less real estate in your suitcase.

It’s available in leather or suede in various colors to match your wardrobe. The rubber sole is perfect for avoiding slips on wet surfaces, including transfers to tenders.  

For men

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Clasic Mesh Polo
Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Mesh Polo

My husband always feels good wearing a black Ralph Lauren Mesh Polo Shirt and a pair of khakis or slacks. It’s a classic look that is slenderizing, too.

Vineyard Vines Edgartown Pique Shirt

Vineyard Vines Edgartown Pique Polo
Vineyard Vines Edgartown Pique Polo

Another excellent choice is this nautical blue Vineyard Vines Polo Shirt, which is uber-comfortable and looks crisp for evening wear.

It’s short-sleeved for day wear and looks nice layered under a sweater like the one below, shown in Deep Bay blue.

Lightweight Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

Vineyard Vines light cashmere v-neck sweater
Vineyard Vines light cashmere v-neck sweater

This Vineyard Vines Lightweight Cashmere V-Neck sweater offers warmth as well as a finished look for dinner. It can be worn during the day if the weather turns chilly, perfect to wrap over his shoulders.

Shown in hull blue here, it comes in five different colors. 

Scottevest RFID Travel Vest

Scottevest RFID Travel Vest (not my husband)
Scottevest RFID Travel Vest (not my husband)

Since my husband first began wearing Scottevest travel vests on our trips, he’s been addicted to them. They are so handy for keeping valuables in your pockets as you go through airport security.

All you have to do is zip the pockets and put the vest on the security conveyor belt. On shore excursions, he has a place to stow his phone, keycard, etc. and it also simplifies getting back on the ship through security.

Gihuo Men’s Sport/Utility Vest

Gihuo vest in khaki
Gihuo vest in khaki

When we noticed my friend’s husband was wearing this Gihuo Men’s Sport/Utility Vest, we ordered one from Amazon (delivered the next day).

This vest is far less expensive than the Scottevest (probably because it isn’t the same quality and doesn’t have as many pockets), but it’s extremely attractive, comfortable, and durable. Directions call for hand washing, but I threw the vest in the washing machine with no problem.

It’s lightweight and has two side pockets with zippers, a top pocket outside with a zipper, and an unzipped interior pocket. What attracted us was the all-season khaki color, but it also comes in seven other colors.

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