Planning a trip to Sweden? Call “The Swedish Number”

April 8, 2016
Wish we had the number when we visited Stockholm!
Wish we had the number when we visited Stockholm!

Wish we had the number when we visited Stockholm!

Newly launched, “The Swedish Number” is an innovative way to connect tourists with locals.

There’s no better way to fall in love with a destination than by seeing it or hearing about it through the eyes of a local. That’s why tourists are flocking to eat, sleep, walk and drive with locals across the globe.

The Swedish Tourism Association is the latest tourism bureau to jump on the bandwagon, signing up volunteer locals as goodwill ambassadors to help promote travel to the country.

According to industry publication Tnooz, the association has launched a clever marketing campaign, called The Swedish Number—enabling visitors (or potential visitors) to randomly connect with a Swede by phone 24/7.

Sweden claims it is the first country with its own dedicated phone number. While the number has only been in operation since yesterday (April 6, 2016), it has already generated thousands of calls.

The Swedish Number

The Swedish Number

Callers can ask any questions that come to mind. While the ambassadors may not have all the answers, they all will be capable of dispensing a big dose of inspiration. The website for The Swedish Number states:

We at the Swedish Tourist Association know there is much more on the side of the road, a bit further into the woods and a little higher up the mountain. By guiding and inspiring everything from small to great adventures we want to encourage more people to explore and take advantage of our unique environments.

In addition to being able to place local calls to the number (above) from Sweden, local phone numbers (available on the website) have also been established for callers from the UK,, Denmark, Poland, the USA, Brazil, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Norway. Otherwise calls are charged at long-distance rates.

If you are planning a visit to Sweden, you might want to try calling the Swedish Number. Hello in Swedish is either “Hallå!” or “Hej!” (click the hyperlink for the correct pronunciations).

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