TRAVEL TIPS – A guide to Miami for the sophisticated traveler

Published on: July 17, 2012 | Last Updated on July 17, 2012
Karen Escalera, creator of

Karen Escalera, creator of is a blog by Karen Weiner Escalera, president of KWE Partners, a veteran in the global luxury lifestyle and hospitality marketing industry. Having conquered Gotham (and other faraway places), Escalera’s now ensconced in Miami where she’s creating new waves—at least virtual ones.

The new blog is Miami-centric, focused around culture, fashion and food for the over-45 demographic. What’s in a name? When we think about curators, we often associate them with museums. But increasingly, savvy consumers are seeking out advisors/archivists to help them hone in on the best ways to spend their time and money. For an optimal shopping experience, I often search out small boutiques or gift shops curated by owners with impeccable taste. Similarly, I follow certain blogs because I admire the blog owner’s sensibilities about choosing topics I know will interest me.

“There’s a difference between what you are looking for when you’re over 45 or you’re in your twenties or thirties,” says Escalera on her blog.  “We want to be able to hear each other in a restaurant, prefer tablecloths, no long lines, yes to quality and value. And quality isn’t necessarily a function of price – it can encompass the high and the low, a $250 dinner for two or take-out fried chicken.

If you are over 45, traveling to Miami, and looking for anything from Mexico’s answer to Hermes to the best sushi rolls, you may want to check out Escalera’s blog. She gets us—and should only get better with time as the content grows and expands.

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