In the Media – The resurgence of travel agents

Published on: October 2, 2014 | Last Updated on September 17, 2018
The new breed of travel advisors (Screenshot: Virtuoso)

With the birth of online travel, many predicted the demise of travel agents. That hasn’t been the case. 

Even with the ubiquitousness of computers and smartphones, some travelers are forgetting “do-it-yourself” online travel and circling back to travel agents. A study describes three characteristics of the group using travel agents:

  • They are older (two-thirds are 45 and over and nearly a third of agented bookings come from people over 60);
  • These individuals tend to spend more per trip; and
  • They also tend to book more complex trips.

The agents attracting these clients are a new breed, one that operates differently than in the past. Rather than merely booking transactions or acting as order-takers, they function as “travel advisers” who work collaboratively with clients to sort through vast amounts of information and make informed decisions, much like financial advisers assist clients in managing their money.

Read my latest article on Next Avenue, 6 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent that talks about this trend and why certain travelers may want to consider using a travel advisor for certain trips. also syndicated this article on the same publication day, September 30, 2014.

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