How to take pictures of birds: Six tips

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A naturalist offers some photography tips for taking pictures of birds.

The Lodge at Pico Bonito on the Caribbean coast of Honduras is home to some 400 exotic bird species. A member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the Lodge is a popular destination for bird-lovers, an ideal base for birding excursions to Pico Bonito National Park, Cuero y Salado Manatee Refuge, Rio Aguan Valley and other areas of Honduras.

The head naturalist at Pico Bonito recently offered these expert tips to help birders capture memorable photographs of birds:

1. Focus on areas where birds feed (i.e. feeders, fruiting or flowering trees)

2. Hide if you can, be patient and let the birds come to you.

3. If you spot a bird and it doesn’t move, begin taking pictures from far away and keep on taking them as you move in gradually.

4. Observe and learn a bird’s movements. Birds, like people, are creatures of habit, and very often one can predict where and when a bird will be by simply observing.

5. When moving towards a bird to take a picture, hide behind something, if possible, then peak around to take the shot.

6. Move slowly so as not to alarm a bird. Respectfully working within a bird’s comfort zone will result in the best image.


The Lodge at Pico Bonito

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