How to Charter a Yacht in the British Virgin Islands

Published on: May 3, 2022 | Last Updated on May 4, 2022
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The British Virgin Islands (BVIs) is a destination that attracts vacationers from all over the world due to its fabulous weather and spectacular scenery. Average temperatures hover around 80℉, there is a very good chance of sun, and the landscape is dotted with sandy beaches, blue seas, and an even bluer sky as far as the eye can see.

BVI is made up of four large islands—Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Tortola—alongside many smaller ones. At each one, visitors can experience everything from serene natural beauty to exciting nightlife attractions.

The best way to visit the BVIs is by boat and it is possible to do so without spending a fortune. The internet makes it simple to compare prices from different charter companies and find one that lands within your budget.

Tips on how to charter a yacht in the British Virgin Islands

coves and bays waiting to be explored

Coves and bays waiting to be explored

How do I find a yacht in the BVI?

Before booking, it is absolutely essential to look at a range of available charter companies. Prices can vary considerably among them and there is no point in paying more than necessary.

In the digital era, which removes many of the logistical problems of shopping around that existed in the past, it is pretty easy to do. All of the top charter boat providers can be compared with one another through a simple Google search.

What do I need to consider when comparing costs?

Among the variables to consider when choosing a charter is the cost of hiring the boat, the type of craft needed, and whether help (in the form of a captain or other professional crew members) will be required. For those who have limited sailing experience, opting for a package that incorporates this sort of expertise is strongly recommended.

When it comes to a yacht charter in the BVI’s, a healthy range of vessels are available for hire. Travelers can carry out the whole process online conveniently—from selecting their preferred craft, with or without crew, to booking and paying, making.

In fact, no matter the destination, booking a luxury yacht holiday is always a good approach because it offers potential cruisers the chance to browse around and get the best deal that it offers.

Why a yacht trip is the best way to see the BVIs

Charter a yacht in the British Virgin Islands (Pixabay)

Tortola in the British Virgin Islands

So, we have looked at how to go about finding the chartered boat needed for a luxury yacht break at these islands, but we have not yet outlined why that is the best way to enjoy a BVI holiday. In fact, there are several reasons why it is the only way to truly experience the islands to their utmost: 

  • Perfect for families

Anyone planning a family holiday in the British Virgin Islands will find that chartering a yacht is by far the best option. Whereas a traditional cruise means traveling with other people and following an itinerary that has been laid out in advance, chartering a boat allows for exploration on your own terms and also being able to change the itinerary on a dime.

The luxury aspect of these vessels is also a key factor when children are involved. They provide modern bathroom facilities, plenty of space for children to move around, and separate cabins for privacy. Some also have amenities like swimming platforms and trampolines.

  • Freedom to move from place to place

There are more than 50 different islands, large and small, making up the BVIs. For that reason, being stuck in a single place for the entire holiday will be a waste.

When you charter a yacht to the British Virgin Islands, there is no need to be tied to one spot throughout the trip. Most of the islands are in fairly close proximity – which is not the case with, say, French Polynesia – so moving between them does not take much time at all. 

The smaller islands may not boast as many attractions as the four larger ones, but they are havens of beauty and tranquility that allow visitors to relax and recharge their batteries.

  • A chance to explore the ocean

School of Sergeant Fish in the BVIs

Easy-to-spot sergeant majors in the BVIs

As well as the actual islands making up the BVIs, their ocean setting is full of wonders. Taking a luxury yacht trip offers the chance to swim or scuba dive amidst the bluestripe jackfish and other creatures inhabiting the waters. Such activities will delight children of all ages, teenagers, and adults. 

  • Opportunities to taste different food delicacies

The dining options found on the various islands vary widely, from top-class cuisine to little shacks that offer freshly cooked saltwater fish and roti or rice, and chicken dishes. The best way to sample all of the many culinary delights is to visit by boat so that you can drift at a leisurely pace between islands and eateries.

Drinks that must be tasted include the astonishing painkiller cocktails made of rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut cream for which the island of Cane Garden Bay is best known. 

The British Virgin Islands are a slice of heaven on earth and make for a wondrous holiday trip. Experiencing them by boat is one of the best ways to stay in place for as long as you are enjoying an island and move on to the next one when you are ready.

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