How to avoid the post-vacation blues

July 14, 2015
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Fitness Republic (Screenshot)

Fitness Republic (Screenshot)

My latest article for Fitness Republic offers 10 tips to help assuage the post-vacation blues.

Whatever your age or circumstances, the anticipation of a long-awaited summer vacation is generally filled with excitement. Compared to winter holidays when people tend to be saddled with obligations to family and friends, summer holidays are more carefree.

There are fewer constraints in terms of deciding where to go and what to do. Whether it’s relaxing at a resort; pursuing a hobby or passion, such as bicycling, golf or photography; or exploring a new city or country, true vacations allow us to do what we want to do as opposed to what we need to do.

However, one inherent drawback of any getaway is that it is time-limited: After the surge in energy and mood associated with planning and taking a vacation, there’s the inevitable letdown afterwards. So what can you do to hang on to that post-vacation glow and ease back into the grind of work, school, caregiving or other responsibilities?

Read 10 Tips To Avoid Post-Vacation Blues on Fitness Republic.

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