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Headed to the London Olympics? The perfect USB adapter for smartphones

July 5, 2012
Mu Universal Smartphone Adapter

The stylish Mu USB universal adapter for smartphones

Most adapters and plugs for use in the UK are not only clunky to carry when traveling but their pins/prongs can easily scratch expensive tech gear, or anything else they touch in a purse, briefcase, or suitcase. Mu® is an astoundingly simple but clever solution.

It’s a folding, universal USB adapter for smartphones that has an elegant swivel mechanism covering the three pins of the plug. If your summer vacation plans include England, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia or anyplace else where three-pin plugs are standard you may want to get one.

It’s 70 percent smaller than a traditional plug (about the size of a large matchbook), crafted in a white plastic that matches Apple products, and so stylishly designed that it won the prestigious Design Museum Design of the Year Award (called the Oscars of the design world.) It’s available from a UK company, Made in Mind, for £25.

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