Guess what’s in the hotel minibar now?

Published on: June 5, 2012 | Last Updated on July 21, 2018
Hotel Jane - New York City

Once upon a time, hotel minibars were generic. All the mini-fridges looked the same; typically had the same offerings (soda, beer, liquor miniatures, and some candy and nuts)—and consistently induced a case of acute sticker-shock when guests located the price list. Even as a chocoholic, I had to be desperate to grab a candy bar or pack of M&Ms.

Now, many fine hotels and resorts have reconceptualized this in-room amenity, not only making it more appealing and affordable, but also customizing it to express the personality and style of a particular property or region. Today’s minibars entice guests to nosh—and also to have fun so they’ll want to return and to tell all their friends…

[My article on NBC Universal Life Goes Strong tells about the unusual offerings in seven hotel minibars, ranging from bug spray to wax lips – June 2012] 

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