Group Getaways: Memorable travels with family or friends

Published on: May 27, 2013 | Last Updated on June 5, 2013
Our group getaway with friends in Jamaica

Our group getaway with friends in Jamaica

Some of the most memorable trips are those we experience with our family or friends. Sure, there are unique challenges when people travel as a tribe. The group has to find a destination that appeals to multiple people, and choose a date that works for varying schedules.

Depending on the size of the group, there are a host of logistical considerations as well. The group may have trouble finding a vehicle large enough to accommodate everyone en masse from the airport or determining a way to divide the group without getting anyone’s nose out of joint.

Then, there is the often delicate matter of money. Unless one generous person (aka Daddy Warbucks) is footing the bill (which is often the case when it comes to mutigenerational travel), group members need to agree on a reasonable price point— for accommodations, transportation, meals, entertainment, sightseeing and such—that suits everyone’s tastes and budgets.

In the end, group travel usually works out surprisingly well. Everyone compromises and flexes a little because they want to make it work. After all, what can be better than spending quality time with people you care about, experiencing the world of travel together, and bringing back shared memories (and photos)?

This month, More Time To Travel is hosting a blog carnival among a group of talented travel writers (one of my tribes) that focuses on the theme of “Group Getaways.” Knowing that most groups don’t always see things the same way, I’m sure this theme will prove to be interpreted differently and creatively by each of the bloggers—making it even more interesting to a wide range of readers.


Enjoy each of the posts below by clicking on the links. After you click, you may discover other articles by the same blogger that are of interest to you, or you may even find a new blog you would like to follow. You can express enjoyment or raise questions by leaving a short comment on each of the posts you’ve read.


If you are a travel blogger reading this, join the fun by adding your own “Group Getaways” post to the collection. Just enter the URL to your post and select a thumbnail photo. Entries can be added any time during the month of June.

Happy Travels! Whether you are traveling solo, paired or grouped~

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    June 5, 2013 at 11:54 am

    The logistics might be tough but oh what fun to travel with a group of friends.

  • Reply
    June 18, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    Looks like a fun group getaway. Where in Jamaica were you?
    It’s where I’m from and where I am now.

    • Reply
      Irene S. Levine
      June 20, 2013 at 8:47 am

      Hi Marcia,
      These were the three properties I visited in Jamaica. Each one was smashing in its own way~
      Best Irene

      • Reply
        June 21, 2013 at 7:38 am

        Great to hear, Irene.

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