Great for travel: Nail polish remover pads

Published on: February 14, 2014 | Last Updated on October 8, 2019
Cutex nail polish remover pads

Cutex nail polish remover pads (screenshot)

Add these nail polish remover pads to your list of travel essentials 

If your next trip is scheduled to last longer than the lifespan of an average manicure, Cutex nail polish remover pads can be a lifesaver. In my experience, a regular manicure starts chipping and peeling within a week (and sometimes less than that).

When I’m traveling, I hate my nails to look sloppy and half-chipped. Manicures at a hotel or resort are a nice indulgence but they don’t always mesh with my travel schedule and can be extremely expensive, as much as three or four times the cost of a manicure at home. Carrying even a small bottle of liquid nail polish remover in my suitcase makes me nervous about potential spills and smells.

That’s why I love the package of non-acetone Cutex nail polish remover pads I recently purchased at my local pharmacy. The pads are lightweight, convenient and well worth the cost. Moreover, they are easy to pack along with a small bottle of nail polish so I don’t have to rely on finding a manicurist should my nails start to look messy.

Sold in packages of 3 or 10, each pad is individually wrapped in foil. Both sides of the pad are saturated with enough nail polish remover to remove the polish from all your fingers (or all your toes). They don’t drip or leave cotton wisps, and promise to condition and strengthen your nails and cuticles as well.

You can buy the regular or non-acetone pads at your local pharmacy, supermarket or grocery story for about $3. If you buy the 10-pad package, four additional pads come free in the package.

This is NOT a sponsored post). I fell in love with this product and wrote about it in a spontaneous burst of love.:-)


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