Great holiday gifts for the over-50 traveler


Searching for gift-giving ideas for a friend or colleague? Here are some of our favorites gifts for the over-50 traveler that are available on Amazon.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera


This retro film camera, which works like an old Polaroid, is a best seller on Amazon. It weighs just over one pound and allows you to take instant pictures you can share with your hosts or other friends you meet on your travels. It’s a fun toy for the less than serious photographer. Available in a variety of colors to suit your gift recipient.

Thin Optics Reading Glasses


It’s always handy to have a pair of specs with you when traveling—whether you’re reading a menu or a map. These are as thin as two credit cards and lighter than a nickel. They come in three strengths and an array of colors. The nice part is that you can attach them to your phone so they are always with you.

Tweezerman Professional Petite Set Slant and Point In a Purple Leather Case


I love Tweezerman products. This cute set in a compact size comes in a purple leather case that’s perfect to slip into your cosmetic or travel bag. Because of the color, they’re easy to find when you need them. They come with a lifetime guarantee if they disappoint or lose their point.

Sale di Cervia Medium Coarse Adriatic Sea Salt


When we visited Cervia in Emilia Romagna (between the towns of Ravenna and Cesenatico) we brought home a bag of the local salt, harvested there in the salt flats. It’s not surprising that it’s called “white gold.” It’s highly addictive, giving a wonderful flavor and crunch to chicken fish, meat or just about anything else.

LOQI Urban New York Reusable Shopping Bag, Multicolored


These eco-friendly reusable shopping bags are a lifesaver when you’re traveling. They are inexpensive, featherweight and virtually indestructible. Available in a variety of colors and in many travel themes (London, Paris, San Francisco, Italy and more), they fold up so to fit in a small zippered case with a coordinating print. I always keep one in my purse just in case I visit a public market or pick up a few souvenirs on a shore excursion. I even had gotten into the habit of carrying one at home. Many museums sell them in their gift shops. A great little gift for yourself or someone else.

VinniBag Inflatable Wine Travel Bag  


Whether you’re headed to the Napa Valley, the Douro Valley or the Guadalupe Valley, it’s always tempting to bring home a bottle of your favorite wine. With the inflatable, reusable VinniBag, you can rest assured that your bottle will be air-cushioned and fully protected when your checked luggage bounces along the airport conveyer belt. We’ve also used the bag to safely bring home olive oil and fig jam. It usurps virtually no space in your suitcase when deflated.

Belkin 3-Outlet SurgePlus Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports (2.1)


When we travel domestically, we always carry this little gadget with us. It’s compact and allows us to charge all our devices simultaneously. Simply plug it in any outlet and the surge protector and grounded outlets offer security that your laptop won’t fall victim to a power surge. The two USB ports can be used for charging smartphones or iPads. It rotates and is small enough to fit in most tight spaces


12-pack of Washcloths in Vibrant Assorted Colors

washclothsIf you depend on washcloths to shower or remove makeup, you want to be prepared for the possibility that you may be visiting a city that doesn’t use them. After renting a house in Italy without any, we now carry a half a dozen inexpensive, colorful washcloths with us just in case. If we use them and don’t have time to wash and dry them, we don’t mind leaving them behind. If we don’t have to use them, they’re great for wrapping fragile items in our suitcase.
*Previously on More Time To Travel: Washcloths in Italy: Do Italians Use Them?

Poppin “Shine On” Pen + Notebook Set

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-8-21-31-pmWhenever I travel I always carry at least one small Moleskin-like soft covered mini notebook in my purse to keep notes about the trip. On a lengthy trip or cruise, I often bring multiple books. For several years, I’ve been using Poppin notebooks because I love the look. The cover colors seem to pop. My last set came in 12 different colors, making them easy to find when searching for notes from a specific trip. If you are looking for a gift for a travel writer or frequent traveler, this dazzling pen and notebook set (three large and three small notebooks with matching pens) in gold, copper and gunmetal would make a hit. (So smart looking! I think I may have talked myself into buying another.)

BelVita Breakfast Biscuits


You never know when your plane will be delayed on the tarmac, when you’ll feel too lazy to get up in time for the hotel breakfast, or when you’ll want to skip a meal entirely to work on an assignment. We usually carry a couple of BelVita Breakfast biscuit packs in our carry-on bag for a quick energy source in case we’re short on time. They come in individual packages with four crackers in each, and are a good source of fiber and B-vitamins. Because the crackers crumble quite easily, I pack them in a small hard plastic container. BelVita cracker are available on Amazon but you can probably get a larger supply more cheaply if you are a Costco member.

Serge Lutens Fleurs D’oranger Eau De Parfum Spray

serge-lutensI was introduced to this particular scent at a perfume workshop held in the flagship Serge Lutens at Palais Royal in Paris. Our small group learned about and sampled many different scents and this one really wowed me. Almost every time I wear it, someone compliments me on its fresh, feel-good scent. When you’re traveling, especially if you’re traveling solo, it’s nice to bring along something you associate with home.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader


Anyone who loves reading, writing and traveling will love having a Kindle to take on their trips. Because travel so often entails “hurry up and wait,” it’s nice to have your personal library at your fingertips.

Which gift on the list would you most like to receive?

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  1. Irene, love the curated selection! Neat retro camera and I have a shopping bag just like that! 😉 The multi device strip is reasonably priced and I think I need it. I traveling fairly often, although not glamorously like you. 🙂

  2. Love your gift ideas Irene. That Belkin charger has been in my travel bag for years. Won\’t travel without it. I\’ve gotta get those wine travel bags. Thanks for sharing your best!

  3. All great ideas! I already have the same power strip – it’s great. I liked the idea of bringing the washcloths, and am looking forward to trying the Serge Lutens perfume. Seems like the kind of scent I enjoy. Thanks!

  4. Love how you had such a variety of items. I use my Belkin charger all the time when I am travelling and I bought sea salts in the south of France to take back as a gift. (Wish I had kept it for myself). As for the wine bags, I can’t believe that for many years I would pack wine bottles in my luggage and only wrap them in one or two bags and a ton of clothes. After all those years, not one broken bottle, but now, I’m paranoid and had a similar inflatable wine bag for my travels.

  5. Well, we gave up gift giving many years ago – somehow travel and Christmas just don’t mesh anymore at our house as we are usually flying somewhere (it is a great day to travel) but you’ve tempted me with both the scent and the charger so I just may have to do some shopping anyway!

    1. I agree. Yes, as we of a certain age start to declutter and divest ourself of “stuff,” we are less apt to give or receive gifts. But sometimes, you realize there is someone you really want to acknowledge around the holidays. And sometimes, I want to reward myself! 🙂

  6. Great list! That inflatable wine holder is a particularly good idea. I tend not to buy liquids of any sort because they have to be in the checked luggage, and either I\’m only traveling with a carry-on bag or I\’m afraid a bottle in my luggage will break.

  7. Some great gift (or even self gift) ideas here, Irene. We usually don’t buy wine or spirits to bring home because we’re afraid of breakage, so your blow up wine bottle protectors seem like a good idea. As a stationary junkie, I’ll also take a few of the pen and notebook sets, please. Finally, good idea about the washcloths.

  8. I’d love some of the inflatable bottle protectors. I’m aways buying wine and oil on a trip and would use them all the time! I haven’t seen them before so it’s good to know I can buy them here.

  9. This is a good list of suggestions, thanks for sharing. We have 3 or 4 of the padded vino bags and they work really well, we’ve used them several times.

    Happy Shopping!

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