Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Men Who Travel

Can we agree that finding Father’s Day gifts for men who travel —fathers, grandfathers, husbands, sons, grandsons, or father figures— is a daunting proposition?

These guys probably want to pack light, dress well—or at least appropriately—and enjoy whichever environment they might happen to find themselves in. They likely already have everything they really need. And some of us just are not creative gift-givers.


But, this time around, we are looking to expand beyond go-to gifts, like wallets or carry-on bags, as gifts for the big day. Here are some of our suggestions for perfect Father’s Day gifts. You and the fathers in your life may like them, too!

For the Classic Dad: A ribbon belt from F. H. Wadsworth

F.H. Wadsworth Snowbird Money Belt
F.H. Wadsworth Snowbird Money Belt

Admittedly, it had been a while since we’ve come across a ribbon belt, but for the traveling man, a ribbon belt can be the perfect gift. It makes for easy-off removal during those oh-so-delightful encounters with airport security.

We are particularly partial to the navy-and-white “Snowbird” belt by F. H. Wadsworth ($59). Handmade in New York City, the belt features grosgrain ribbon (this ribbon will last!) and silver-tone rings. The ribbons come in plenty of other colors and patterns as well, ranging from solid navy to “The Toto” (with light purple, pale green, beige, and white stripes). Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Why we like it: It’s preppy and convenient, so much so that we want one, too!

For the Man of Many Hats: A straw sun protection hat from Tenth Street

Tenth Street Scala hat
Tenth Street Scala hat

Time once was that men wore hats for almost every occasion. Ease the man in your life back into that (quite dashing!) habit with a sun protection hat from Tenth Street Hats.

We are partial to the straw fedora called the “Bethpage” ($97), which provides shielding from the sun, allows plenty of breathing room, and includes a stylish grosgrain band. Other hats available (generally in sizes M to XL) include Panama hats of varying brims and styles and crushable hats.

Why we like it: It’s an easy and stylish way to enhance protection from the sun.

For the Father with Smart Scents: The Collector’s Traveler Set from Robert Graham

Robert Graham Collector's Set
Robert Graham Collector’s Set

Life on the road, whether for leisure or work, occasionally takes a stressful turn. Why not ease one’s way with fragrance that exudes confidence—and in a travel size, no less?

We are partial to Robert Graham’s Courage cologne with its wisps of vodka citron, fresh bergamot, and smoky guaiac wood wafting our way. The Collector’s Traveler set ($65) includes a .25 ounce vial and a refillable case (inspired by an antique hourglass) that makes for easy transport. Other scents include Valour and Fortitude. In case you were wondering: perfume in carry-on bags is okay so long as it’s less than 3.4 ounces.

Why we like it: It is easy to transport and smells so good we just might borrow it!

For the Man on a Schedule: A Timex military-inspired steel chronograph watch

Timex MK1 Steel Chronograph 42mm Fabric Strap Watch
Timex MK1 Steel Chronograph 42mm Fabric Strap Watch

Even when we are traveling high-end, we just don’t want to be worried about losing our jewelry. To that end, consider a Timex watch (when did these become so cool?) for the traveling man in your life.

We are partial to the Timex MK1 Steel Chronograph 42 mm Fabric Strap Watch ($119.99) with a stainless steel case and a green fabric band. This watch is water resistant to 30 meters and includes an Indiglo light-up watch dial.

Why we like it: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

For the Spirited Dad: A copy of Linda Ruffenach’s How to Be a Bourbon Badass

How to Be a Bourbon Badass
How to Be a Bourbon Badass

Almost as good as drinking spirits is learning about their history—and touring the places where they are made. Even bourbon novices will appreciate Linda Ruffenach’s How to Be a Bourbon Badass (Red Lightning Books 2018), which goes over how bourbon is made, explains introductory and high-end bourbons, and includes menus for bourbon supper clubs (hardback $24).

Travelers who want to take their passion for bourbon one step farther should also look out for The State of Bourbon: A Guide to the Spirit of Kentucky, a travel guide of sorts by Cameron Ludwick and Blair Thomas Hess to be published this summer.

Why we like it: Can there be anything better than a recipe for Krispy Kreme Bourbon Barbecue Pork Sliders?

For Cool Dads: A pair of Ted Baker sunglasses

Ted Baker Sunglasses in Black
Ted Baker Sunglasses in Black

Some of us go through sunglasses like we go through vacations—all too quickly. Give the man in your life a pair he will want to hold on to: polarized Ted Baker sunglasses (we are partial to model no. TBM015 in black).

Why we like it: They’re just cool shades—and lightweight and durable, too!

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