Gear Review: ZUS car charger and car finder

April 9, 2016
ZUS car charger and car finder
ZUS car charger and car finder

ZUS car charger and car finder

ZUS is a dual-purpose gadget, both a car charger and car finder.

If you feel like you already have too many gadgets, you’ll appreciate one that’s beautifully designed and serves more than one useful function.

The charger

Even if you have no need or interest in a car finder, this is the best rapid car charger I’ve ever had. It has two USB ports that can support devices for both a driver and passenger.

Designed in Germany, it is small, unobtrusive and angled so that it doesn’t get in anyone’s way. It fits snuggly into the car’s cigarette lighter and works for both iPhone and Android devices. When the motor is on, both sides of the charger are lit so you don’t have to fumble to plug in your phones or tablets.

ZUS plugged into my car

ZUS plugged into my car ( I guess I should have dusted before I took this picture)

The best part, however, is the awesome speed of the charge. Last Saturday night, I was almost to the door, about to leave home, when I remembered I didn’t have my cell phone. I located it (using my land line to call the cell), looked at the battery meter and realized it was almost dead. Sound familiar? This wasn’t the first time this has happened me. I hate to admit it but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use my phone to take photos of my dinner.

As soon as I got into the car, I plugged my phone into my new ZUS charger. By the time we arrived at the restaurant, the phone was fully charged. If I had used my previous car charger, I would have reached my destination with insufficient battery power to use my phone for photos.

The smart car finder

Although the incident occurred long ago, I’ll never forget the time I parked my car at Shea Stadium to attend a Mets game. When my friend and I left the stadium after the game ended, we realized we had neglected to notice where we had parked our car.

The stadium held tens of thousands of people so you can imagine how long we had to wait until the parking lot emptied out. It was after midnight when we finally found the vehicle in the vast lot. This saga took place in the old days—before GPS devices were built into every smartphone.

The ZUS car finder uses this now extant technology to help smartphone users find their cars in large parking lots by using GPS coordinates. If the gadget is plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car and you have the free downloadable app running, the gadget automatically saves your location after you turn off the engine. To find your car, you simply open the app. (No cellular service is needed.)

Screenshot of the app in the iPhone app store

Screenshot of the app in the iPhone app store

I haven’t had a chance to try out the car finder yet. The problem may be that someone who can’t remember where she parked may not remember to make sure the app is running when she leaves the car. On the other hand, I don’t think I’m likely to make the same mistake again at a sports arena and this locater may be just what I need.

Bottom line

Any gadget lover will love the ZUS car charger and car finder. It’s compact enough to take on your next road trip so that your phone is always fully charged. I plan to use it in rental cars or Ubers when I’m short on juice. (Note: It doesn’t come with its own cord, so you’ll need to bring along the one that comes with your phone.)

The Zus car charger and car finder is available from the manufacturer or on Amazon, priced at $29.99. It’s beautifully packaged in a Apple-type minimalist box so it makes a nice gift for a friend or relative.

Disclosure: This ZUS charger was sent to us for review by the manufacturer but any opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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    April 12, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    For someone who is ALWAYS searching for my car, this device is a must-have!

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