Fathers Day Gifts for Travelers: Think Outside-the-Box

June 1, 2021
Best Fathers Day Gifts for Travelers

Looking for Fathers Day gifts for travelers? 

This has been a tough year for so many in so many different ways. One silver lining: It’s reminded us of the importance of celebrating the important people in our lives. Father’s Day is one such opportunity! 

Here are some conventional and less conventional ideas for Fathers Day gifts for travelers that are sure to bring a smile to their recipients. And if you are like me, you’ll find that they feel almost as good to give as they would be to get!

Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts for Travelers

Castaway Nantucket Sweatshirt

Fathers Day Gifts for Travelers: Breakway Quarterzip by Castaway Nantucket

Breakway Quarterzip by Castaway Nantucket

Whether he’s taking an evening stroll near the beach or checking out the Sail-Away party on the top deck as the ship is departing port, he’ll feel comfortable and look smart in a classic sweatshirt from Castaway Nantucket. The sweatshirt is even nice enough to throw over his shoulders on a passeggiata in Florence, Italy. 

Castaway’s owners, Andrew and Matt, spent summers and vacations working at Murray’s Toggery Shop, their four-generation family business in Nantucket, learning the haberdashery trade. The brand is now sold in hundreds of specialty shops across the country.

My husband loves this blue Breakwater quarter-zip model. It’s called navy but the blue actually has a dusty, washed look (with a coordinating navy collar around the neck). Made of 100% washable cotton, the soft fabric has a combed fleece inside that feels but isn’t uncomfortably hot to wear. The quarter-zip makes it easy to take on and off, and the two beautifully tailored, stitched seams are slenderizing. It’s definitely become his go-to travel sweatshirt. 

Priced at $115 from Castaway Nantucket, the shirt is available in a host of lovely colors.

Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker

Fathers Day Gifts for Travelers: Elevated Craft Shaker

Elevated Craft Shaker with a Margarita!

Whenever we travel, my husband seems to discover a new spirit, liqueur or cocktail recipe. If your guy is like mine and thinks of himself as a mixologist, he’ll love this vacuum insulated stainless steel cocktail shaker from Elevated Craft. When the shaker appeared on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, it was such a hit that the founders raised more than $2.5 million in capital to bring the product to market.

Double insulation makes sure that the drink is icy cold (without freezing the bartender’s fingers) and it won’t leave traces of condensation on your bar counter. The 750ml shaker has a built-in strainer to hold back ice and solids as well as a handy six-ounce integrated jigger. Its contemporary design also looks elegant on a bar counter.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Elevated Craft shaker is available on Amazon for $69.

Famous Places in Italy Mask

Fathers Day Gifts for Travelers: Famous Places in Italy Mask

Famous Places in Italy Mask

Although this isn’t considered a medical-grade mask, it sure ranks high on the cuteness scale—whether he’s hoping to be in Italy soon after borders open up, or he’s a stay-at-home dreaming of one of his favorite places. The reusable, polyester mask comes with two filters; you can also double-mask and wear it over a disposable. Although we haven’t had a chance to try it, the light color seems perfect for summer use. Both the earloops and nosepiece are adjustable.  

A conversation starter for sure, available on Amazon for only $5.99.

Matte Glass Fracture Prints

Fathers Day Gifts for Travelers: Matte Glass Fracture Prints

Matte Glass Fracture Prints

This Florida-based glass photo printing company can turn his (or your) favorite digital photos into frameless, durable, glass ones. They’re made with vibrant colored inks that are sprayed directly on the glass under an invisible protective coating. Formerly available only in a glossy finish, this innovative firm is now offering the choice of glossy or its new matte version.

Choose a photo (or multiple photos) of his favorite travel destination(s), perhaps with kids or grandkids in tow. Then upload the digital photos to the Fracture website. Choose a size and finish, and this picture-perfect gift can be shipped directly to him in a cool, eco-friendly package.

Prices for Matte Glass Fracture prints range from $20 for a small 5” × 5” square print up to $162 for an extra-large 28.8” × 21.6” print, available at Fracture.

Graf Lantz Mosen Desk Pad

Graf Lantz Desk Pad

Graf Lantz Desk Pad

I love this company’s products so much that I wrote about them for Forbes. Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz are founders of this Los Angeles-based company whose artisanal line of homeware and personal accessories is rooted in global travel and culture; most of their products are made of magnificent Bavarian wool felt.

Each item we’ve purchased was a gateway to another: So far, count me in for coasters, trivets, chair pads, placemats, masks and this desk pad,

Before and after every trip, there is always a bunch of “deskwork” related to travel….whether it’s searching for inspiration (the easiest part), finding out about destinations, booking tickets, organizing digital photos, or paying bills (not so easy).

I first gifted this Graf Lantz Mosen felt desk pad to my husband on Valentine’s Day. It protects his desktop, is stain resistant, and looks attractive. Before long, I found myself ordering another for my own desk. It comes in two shades of gray, charcoal or granite. We chose granite (light gray). The desk pads are currently out-of-stock but I would get on the waitlist and write your guy a promissory note for this one. Yes, I like it that much.

Available from Graf Lantz for $86. Another one of my other favorites is also wait-listed. The three-size stone trivet set, priced at $52, is perfect for reminding him not to place the TV remote on the glass table. In my Graf Lantz experience, good things do come to those who wait. 

Enemigo OO Extra Anejo Tequila

Bold amber color with a complex taste

Bold amber color with a complex taste

Take your guy on a virtual trip to Mexico, specifically to the state of Jalisco, home to tequila.

This refined, Extra Anejo tequila is made for sipping. It’s a balanced blend of fruity and spicy tones with hints of coconut and vanilla, terrific as an after-dinner drink. (Save your less expensive tequila for shots and mixed drinks.) 

The dark amber-colored tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave grown for 7-12 years, and then aged for three years in American oak barrels. Winner of the Tequila of The Year award at the New York International Spirits Competition, Enemigo 00 is handcrafted, produced in limited quantities of less than 1000 cases per year. It comes in an eye-catching bottle with a black and gold label.

Available for about $135 at your local liquor store, making it a great last-minute gift. 

Davek Solo Umbrella

Davek Solo Umbella

Davek Solo Umbella

This top-of-the-line umbrella is the one you’ll want to have with you when the winds really start to blow! Based in New York City, this company creates umbrellas that are engineered to last. 

The umbrella features an automatic-open and automatic-close button system and is waterproof, and wind-resistant. The canopy, which some I’m a variety of colors, is constructed from the most tightly woven micro-weave fabric available. The handle features a convenient clip to attach to your belt or to hold in place within a bag. 

Granted, they aren’t inexpensive but they come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. In addition, they also come with a unique “loss protection” serial number so if the original is lost it, can be replaced at up to 50% off the regular retail price.

Available in a variety of colors directly from Davek or on Amazon for $119.

A Year’s Subscription to MHz Choice 

Luca Zingaretti as Detective Montalbano

Luca Zingaretti as Detective Montalbano

If your guy is a travel aficionado, the mysteries, dramas, and comedies (series, feature-length films and documentaries) of MHz Choice will transport him to some of his (and your) favorite destinations around the world. If you’re tired of surfing your TV and finding nothing to watch, this streaming service offers the best of international programming, all with easy-to-read English subtitles. 

Some of my favorites have been Detective Montalbano, the book-to-TV series by acclaimed Italian director and storyteller, Andrea Camilleri; Le Petit Tour, the food travel series that introduces viewers to the foods and producers of Italy’s smallest region, the Aosta Valley; The War is Over, a mini-series about child Holocaust survivors cared for by the people of a small alpine town in Lombardy; and Imma Tataranni, a mystery series set in picturesque Matera. 

Check out the extensive program offerings that you can watch when you want. MHz Choice is offering readers of a risk-free 7-day trial and first-month free. Simply apply the code LEPETIT21 at checkout here. We started with the trial and were hooked!

QuietOn3 Earbuds for a Good Night’s Sleep

QuietOn3 Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

QuietOn3 Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

Whether your guy is traveling on a plane, staying at a hotel, working at home, or simply craving a good night’s sleep before an early morning meeting, these innovative earbuds will help him get the shut-eye he deserves. QuietOn makes the world’s smallest, active noise-canceling (ANC) earbuds designed to reduce low-frequency noises (e.g., in noisy aircraft cabins, hotel hallways, from noisy neighbors, or a partner that snores). While white noise machines can help people get to sleep, many find the machine noises themselves to be disruptive. 

The earbuds come with their own tiny charging case, and they are small enough to fit entirely in the ear, with zero protrusion even for side sleepers. To ensure a comfortable fit, they come with four different size eartips. How did this Finnish company manage to make them so tiny and functional? They eliminated the transmitters, receivers and other components typically found in music earbuds (these don’t play music), resulting in zero electromagnetic field radiation. One charge provides 28 hours of use.

The earbuds can be purchased directly on the QuietOn website for $199.  

Kiwi Spoons?

Kiwis pack a lot of nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Folate, and Potassium

Kiwis pack a lot of nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Folate, and Potassium

Is he dreaming of traveling to New Zealand when pandemic restrictions end? If so, for the time being, eating healthful kiwis might hit the spot. The growing season for the fruit depends on

Faux kiwi spoons

Faux kiwi spoons

where they come from but California kiwis, the most common ones in our area, are at their best between October and May.

Yes, there really are such things as kiwi spoons but grapefruit spoons can serve a similar function. Simply halve the kiwi and carve the flesh out of the thin skin using a serrated, stainless grapefruit spoon.

You can purchase a set of two grapefruit spoons (for kiwi use) from Amazon for $4.00 (shipping included). They also make great holiday stocking stuffers.


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