Why Cruises Are Ideal For Boomers Traveling Alone

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Whether on land or at sea, embarking on a vacation as a “party of one” in midlife can be daunting, especially if you’ve never traveled alone before.

About one-third of U.S. baby boomers are single. Among them are those who never married, those who got divorced, and some (women more often than men) who have lost their partners. Added to the mix of boomers traveling solo are married people whose spouses aren’t interested in or able to travel.

If you’re a boomer considering cruising by yourself, your anxieties may run the gamut from wondering if you’ll be the only one traveling alone, to concerns about making (or having to listen to) conversation with a table full of strangers each evening.

Want to learn why cruising may be the perfect option for a boomer traveling alone?

Read my article for PBS Next Avenue published on 6/20/2014

Also published on Wall Street Journal Marketwatch and on Yahoo Finance on 7/16/14.

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  1. Great sources for solo boomer travelers. I’ve been hosting monthly travel events in San Diego for years and the membership has definitely skewed towards solo women travelers. I look forward to reading your other posts on the topic.

    I’d also like to speak with you about participating in the San Diego Trav Fest coming up this September.


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