Cruise Hacks: Packing and Other Cruise Tips  

Here are our personal cruise hacks (tricks) and other packing tips to make your next cruise easier and more enjoyable… Each time you cruise, you’re likely to become a better cruiser. You figure things out through your own experience. You pick up a few tips from other cruisers. All that experience makes your next voyage easier and more enjoyable. These are some of the tips we’ve collected over the years. Maybe one or more will be helpful to you. This short list of our favorite cruise hacks is broken down into three categories:  Cruise Hacks: Before You Go Cruise Hacks: On the Ship Cruise Hack: On the Shore We’ve also added a few cruise hacks for traveling during the COVID pandemic. Cruise Hacks: Before You Go Check the cruise line website Almost every cruise line has a FAQ section on their website with essential information about dress code, prohibited items, health and safety protocols, and accessibility services. Be sure to read it. Make a list and check it twice As soon as you book your cruise, start making a list of the things you want to pack and take with you. Putting items on the list will unclutter your mind … Continue reading Cruise Hacks: Packing and Other Cruise Tips