Cozy Earth Travel Wear: The Story of My Love Affair 

Cozy Earth Travel Wear

No matter how wonderful or luxurious the trip, every traveler finds pleasure in some of the small things they’ve missed while they were away from home.

After years of searching for the perfect roast of coffee, I found my morning Joe (literally) at HomeGoods. It’s something I look forward to drinking in my favorite bone china mug after every trip (although a good cup of cappuccino at an Italian bar can be a good stand-in).

But I digress. The thing I probably miss most—even when returning from five-star hotels or luxury cruise ships that have the finest European bedding—is the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set on my bed. 

In the past, I’ve purchased sheet sets made of cotton, tencel, flannel, and sateen—from all different makers at all different prices—but my Cozy Earth sheets are the very softest and most comfortable ones by far.

Cozy Earth: Eminently sustainable

I was introduced to the brand because I had the opportunity to interview the CEO and founder of Cozy Earth, Tyler Howell, for Forbes.

Tyler educated me about the eco-friendly fabric the company uses that’s made from bamboo fiber and the advantages it offers for travel wear: Like my sheets and pillowcases, it’s breathable, durable, soft, and quite cozy. (When you’re traveling with this material, it’s also quite packable).

The bamboo used to produce the company’s products comes from certified organic and sustainable farms in China, where it grows as a weed. When cut down, it doesn’t release CO2 and re-grows rapidly. Unlike cotton, heavy machinery, harmful pesticides, and freshwater irrigation isn’t involved in its planting and harvesting.

It’s not surprising that Cozy Earth has experienced rapid growth and its products have made Oprah’s Favorite Things list five years in a row.

Cozy Earth Travel Wear: My Five Favorites

Aside from my obsession with the sheets, here are some of my five favorite Cozy Earth products for travelers.

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Bamboo Rib Knit Hoodie

Cozy Earth hoodie
The hoodie (not me but I’m wearing one right now, too)

This rib-knit hoodie is the perfect weight for travel. It’s uber-comfortable to wear, offering warmth without bulk, perfect for the unpredictable climate in airplanes.

The fabric is so forgiving that you don’t feel constricted on even the longest flights.

It comes in neutral colors: navy, black, white and gray. I prefer the look of the navy hoodie paired with the matching ribbed jogger pants.

Serenity Silk Sleep Mask

Cozy Earth Serenity Silk Sleep Mask
Cozy Earth Serenity Silk Sleep Mask

On a long-haul flight (and sometimes on shorter ones), travelers want to take their best shot at getting some shut-eye. This cozy, uber-soft, and comfortable mulberry silk sleep mask blocks out light and enhances sleep.

Once you reach your hotel room, you also may be bothered by street lights or a too-bright bathroom light. Wearing an eye mask helps improve sleep; a recent study reported in The Washington Post found that wearing one even improves memory.

The mask comes in five different colors but the red one will never get lost in your carry-on (and is so pretty that it might even evoke a few, “Where did you buy” thats from fellow travelers). The mask is unisex and hand-washable.

Bamboo Alternative Down Travel Pillow

Cozy Earth Travel Wear: Travel Pillow
Travel pillow

I’ve written about the best travel pillows for Forbes and have tested out quite a few but my favorite is this no-sneeze alternative down travel pillow. It’s lightweight, right-sized (14×20) and perfect for road trips, tucked behind or beside your neck. I also like to bring it to hotel rooms and place it on top of the standard issue.

It’s so comfortable that it morphs into a boudoir pillow at home.

Waffle Knit Long Sleeve Henley Shirt

Waffle Knit Henley
Cozy Earth Travel Wear: Waffle Knit Henley

I’m always a sucker for waffle knits because they look good and never require ironing. 

This long-sleeve henley with three buttons at the neck is comfortable for travel and will be worn over and over after you get to your destination. It comes in four deep-hued colors but my favorite is the oliva.

Plush Lounge Socks

Plush lounge socks
Plush, ribbed lounge socks

You can never have enough pairs of socks but these will be a favorite. These ultra-light lounge socks, although ultra-warm won’t make your feet sweaty. They come in packs of three.

Recommended by Better Homes & Gardens, they have a ribbed design. Great for wearing on the plane or rolling up in your suitcase to take on your trip. They also make a nice gift for any occasion.

I realize that this is an overly-ebullient post but I love these products.


  • Cozy Earth bedding, clothing and towels all come with a 10-year warranty and returns and exchanges are easy-peasy.
  • The products aren’t cheap but are high-quality and long-lasting; the company frequently runs sales so be sure to check the website for pricing.

Several Cozy Earth products made my own list of Best Travel Accessories for Women.

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