Book Review: Body, Mind and Solo

August 1, 2013
Body, Mind and Solo by Teresa Rodriquez

Body, Mind and Solo by Teresa Rodriquez


In her book Body, Mind and Solo: Seven Keys to Conquering the World Alone, travel writer Teresa Rodriquez busts the myth that traveling alone has to be lonely. In fact, she suggests that solo travel offers abundant opportunities for women to turn strangers into friends. Also, it allows them to dig deep and learn about themselves in a way that is impossible when traveling as part of a twosome or a group.

Based on her own experiences as well as her interviews with other solo travelers, Rodriquez outlines a compelling manifesto for women traveling solo. She points out the benefits of being able to set their own pace, keep their own hours, do the things they truly enjoy doing—and being themselves.

If you are waffling making the plunge and taking a trip by yourself, you’ll feel a bit more confident after reading this book. For those not ready, it offers some low-cost, “semi-solo” options such as visiting friends in another city or country, or housesitting as ways to dip your toes in the water.

From the onset, the author says this book won’t tell you where to go or what to pack; it isn’t a conventional travel guidebook. Instead, the author cleverly uses travel as a metaphor for encouraging women (single or coupled) to embark on adventures that facilitate change and self-discovery.

The book is sprinkled liberally with anecdotes from other women who have had unique experiences traveling solo, leaves space for journaling the reader’s own thoughts, and embeds many tips from a seasoned traveler and soul-searcher.

Body, Mind and Solo is available from Amazon in hardcover, paperback and for Kindle.

The author, Teresa Rodriquez created, a worldwide travel network that seeks to empower women to travel by themselves.

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    Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer)
    August 2, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    I’m definitely forwarding this review to a friend contemplating a solo trip this summer. I might take a look at this book myself also. I have done some solo travel and I’d like to compare my experiences with those of other travelers.

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