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Best Travel Gifts for Mom: Mothers Day 2022

Published on: April 25, 2022 | Last Updated on May 6, 2022
Travel Gifts for Mom

If you are looking for travel gifts for mom for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion (think: birthdays, anniversaries, Bon Voyage before a trip, etc.), I’ve curated a list of some of my favorites. 

These are some of the Mother’s Day gifts I’d love to get myself. On the list below, you may also find inspiration for gift ideas for yourself or friends who love to travel, too. 


Best Travel Gifts for Mom

Note: This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, I only recommend products that I truly believe are worthwhile to give and get.

Comfy Loungewear

Travel Gifts for Mom: Cozy Loungewear from Cozy Earth

Cozy loungewear set from Cozy Earth

When I spent a few weeks in a rental property near Charleston, South Carolina one of the things I neglected to pack (and missed) was loungewear for the time I spent relaxing around the house. Understandably, I focused my attention on “going out” clothes. Now, I’ve added a lounging outfit to my travel packing list for resort-type destinations, extended stays, also for cruise ships when I want to enjoy some time in my stateroom or have breakfast on the balcony.

I’ve become a real fan of Cozy Earth bamboo products. They are soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, non-pilling, hypoallergenic, and generously sized for comfort. Moreover, although meant for lounging, this Rib-Knit Bamboo Short Sleeve Lounge Top and Lounge Capri Pants look good enough to venture for a short walk outdoors or wear on the deck. They come in a choice of black, gray, ivory, and navy. 

During Cozy Earth’s Mother’s Day Sale (4/5-5/16), the loungewear, bedding, and bath collections are 25-30% off. If you miss out on Mother’s Day, check out the Memorial Day Weekend 30% off sitewide sale.


A Great-Looking Pair of Sunglasses 

Sunglasses from MAHO Shades

Kilimanjaro Sunglasses from MAHO Shades

A pair of high-quality optical sunglasses are important for your eyes; they also make a fashion statement. This pair of Kilimanjaro Rosa by Maho Shades are oversized with chunky pink frames and ultra-light lenses. The glasses offer 100% UVA/UVB Protection and are sturdy enough to support a lifetime guarantee.

They come in an attractive hard canvas case that’s easy to find in your purse or backpack.


The Perfect Little Key Card Case

Graf Lantz Key Card Case

Graf Lantz Key Card Case

Whether your mom is running out to the cafe for a morning cup of cappuccino or heading to the hotel spa, she may not want to take everything valuable with her. Perhaps, only her cell phone, and a credit or vaccination card and car key (perhaps, for the rental car).

I’ve written before about my love affair with Graf Lantz products: buying one leads to another. And like most of the home and personal products in the line, the Merino Wool Felt Key Card Case, too, is made of water-resistant, easy-to-keep-clean Merino felt. The leather snap closure makes sure that the credit or ID cards don’t fall out. It measures a diminutive 2¾” W x 4¼” H and comes in six different colors.


An Engrossing Novel Set In Tuscany

The Good Left Undone cover

The Good Left Undone, by Adriana Trigiani

I absolutely loved this book, by Adriana Trigiani, set in Viareggio (Tuscany), Italy, a seaside resort on the Tyrrhenian Sea best known for its famous carnival.

The Good Left Undone, an epic intergenerational story, begins in the present day and transports the reader back to Italy in the 1930s. It’s a story about love, war, family, and women, masterfully told. The talented author’s books have been published in 38 languages around the world.

Any traveler who loves Italy—and its food, lifestyle, traditions, and culture—will love reading this wonderful historical novel. It also makes a perfect gift for the mom who is an armchair traveler. It’s available in hardcover, Kindle, and audio formats. (Read my full review of The Good Left Undone on a previous post.) 


More “Juice” for her Smartphone

Best Travel Gifts for Mom; ChargeCard External Batterya

ChargeCard External Battery

When it comes to choosing travel gifts for mom, it’s often the case that small (and light) is beautiful. Whether mom is traveling abroad or taking the train into the city, an external charger helps her avoid the risk of having her smartphone battery go dead when she needs to make a call or navigate to another destination.

AquaVault’s ChargeCard portable phone charger is a lightweight, ultra-slim, and comes in an attractive and durable stainless steel case. Even though it offers ultra-fast charging, it’s only the size of a credit card (3.3 x 2.3 x. 0.18”) and weighs 2.2 ounces, making it convenient to stash in a wallet, purse, or pocket. No need to carry extra cables because it comes with built-in USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB charging cables that work with Apple, Android, and most other devices.


A Virtual Evening in Italia

Dinner in Italia from Eataly

Dinner in Italia from Eataly

Either before or after her trip to Italy, why not ante up an extra evening of delicious Italian flavors? Eataly, the one-of-a-kind Italian emporium has created a delicious array of Mother’s Day gift boxes for moms. 

The beautifully packaged Evening in Italy Gift Box includes a curated selection of specialty foods that will transport mom across the Bel Paese: basil bruschetta and breadsticks from Piemonte (perfect with an Aperol Spritz); bronze-extruded pasta with authentic basil pesto alla Genovese from Portofino; bucatini with pancetta and tomato sauce from Lazio; and sweet amaretti from Veneto.

Whether she’s the cook or you are, these high-quality products will make for several delightful evenings without worrying about what to cook.


An All-In-One Scarf, Sweater, and Shawl

The All-in-One S'Hug

The All-in-One S’Hug


It will be easier for mom to travel light if she packs a S’Hug—or even wears one to the airport. This revolutionary combination of a scarf, sweater, and shawl is the latest creation from designer Adrianna Papell. The maker calls the elegant garment “the piece you didn’t know you needed but won’t be able to live without!”

I love the idea of an all-in-one throw for chilly nights or theaters on a cruise ship. The S’Hug has a patented tunnel sleeve design, with or without a ruffled edge, that allows it to seamlessly transform from wrap to cardigan to scarf. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors to suit her style: Choose pink to help your mom celebrate spring or a neutral for the traveler who prefers a more subdued travel wardrobe.


Easy-To-Care for Orchids

Westerlay Orchids

Westerlay Orchids

I love orchids because they tend to add color at home for a month or even longer. If your mom takes short trips, orchids only require several ice cubes once a week rather than daily watering. Westerlay Orchids, a family-owned nursery located in Santa Barbara, ships its blooms across the country and places a strong emphasis on sustainability.

The Bramble Bloom shown above, one of many available from Westerlay, has a unique look and feel. These blossoms cascade down the side of a glazed ceramic pot and no two are alike. Of course, orchids come in a variety of different colors and they’re a gift that lasts long beyond Mother’s Day.


A Great Travel Vest

ScotteVest Featherweight Vest for Women

ScotteVest Featherweight Vest for Women

A woman can’t ever have too many travel vests. The Scottevest Women’s Featherweight Travel Vest is one of my favorites. It’s lightweight, especially great for spring and summer journeys. It’s easy to pack, stylish, and versatile. With 16 pockets and compartments, she’ll be able to stash her purse in her in-room safe and use this vest for a tour, city outing, or shore excursion. At the airport—instead of going through the arduous task of emptying her jacket pockets—she can simply remove the vest, fold it, places it on the conveyer belt, and pick it up at the other end. Everything remains safely tucked inside the pockets ready to pick up and go.

The vest is machine-washable and comes in a choice of three colors: black, cadet blue, and gray. My black vest seems to go with everything.


Limoncello-Inspired Baked Goods

Fabrizio Lemon Gift Box

Fabrizia Limoncello Gift Box

If your mom has ever traveled to the Amalfi coast (or wants to get there) and loves the taste and fragrance of fresh lemons, she’ll fall in love with their limoncello-inspired baked goods. 

The special Mother’s Day gift box includes the following: 5 Limoncello Cookies, 5 Limoncello Truffles, 6 Limoncello Biscotti, 2 Limoncello Mini Lemon Loaves, and a $10 Off exclusive coupon code (good on any order) inside the package. The whole kit and caboodle will be delivered in a beautiful blue Fabrizia branded box.


An Indispensable Tote Bag

Loqi Tote Bag

Loqi Tote Bag: Big Apple Version

These attractive and functional tote bags come in a wide array of designs and colors. (The one shown is called the Urban New York bag.) I give them as gifts and just used mine this morning when I went to the local Farmer’s Market. It is also an indispensable item for the mom who travels to Farmer’s Markets abroad.

They are made of an ultra-light, water-resistant polyester fabric and come with their own zippered pouches. The pouch is small and light enough to stuff in a pocket, or tuck in a purse or backpack. Remarkably, the bag can hold up to 44 pounds, so I’ve used mine to carry water bottles back to my rental apartment when traveling.

It’s the gift that your mom will always want to have with her, at home or while traveling. You might even find one that’s themed to her next travel destination. Available from Amazon, they are of such high-quality that you may also find them at museum stores. 


Face Mask That’s Pretty and Functional!

High-quality masks that look good, too

High-quality masks that look good, too

Many moms, like me, haven’t given up wearing KN95 face masks, especially when traveling. I ordered these masks as soon as I saw my friend Sheryl wearing one. These MASKC face masks are perfect for spring and summer and come in a 10-pack with pretty florals in pink, teal, yellow, light blue, and blush. They are breathable (great for running or working out) and are super-soft and comfortable. (When you click on the link below, search for the KN95s on the tool bar at the top of the page.)


A Sweet Indulgence

Gifts for Mom: Ina Garten's Chocolate Layer Cake

Gifts for Mom: Ina Garten’s Chocolate Layer Cake

What mom can resist something sweet to celebrate her motherhood?

The swoon-worthy Mother’s Day Gifts from Goldbelly are expertly curated, bringing the best local and regional food specialties and desserts from specialty shops and producers across the country to your door. For example, take a look at the chocolatey Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten’s layer cake above baked in the Hamptons. Do you think she’ll be able to resist?


Bubbles n’ Cheese 

igourmet Cheese box

igourmet Cheese box

When I saw this box online, I was smitten by the Pink Champagne Biscuits from Reims. They sound simply decadent. 

This gift box from igourmet, an online specialty retailer of artisanal cheeses, gourmet baskets, and other specialty food products curates wonderful gifts that are beautifully packaged. The Bubbly Cheese Collection Gift Box will appeal to any mom who loves her wine sparkling (Think: Champagne or Prosecco).

Along with cheeses that pair beautifully with sparkling wines, the box also includes sweet treats and unique accouterments for an aperitif or aperitivo. She won’t even have to reach for the glasses because it comes with two stemless champagne flutes to remind her of you when the bottle is gone!


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