Bardessono: Green luxury in the Napa Valley

Circular Restroom Suite


Bardessono in Yountville, CA
Bardessono in Yountville, CA

The understated but ultra-contemporary Bardessono Hotel in Yountville, Calif., combines exceptional amenities with impressive personal service. This boutique hotel is as “green” as it is luxurious: With geothermal heating and solar panels, it uses almost no off-site energy.

But the wow factor is a circular suite of eight individual restrooms off the reception lobby. Behind each door is an energy-saving Toto Neorest 500 toilet/washlet. The lid opens automatically, uncovering a heated seat. A wireless wall control panel allows users to wash and dry (adjusting for temperature and pressure).

Circular Restroom Suite
Circular Restroom Suite
Mission Control
Mission Control

The Napa Valley hotel’s 62 ground-floor units are divided among four landscaped groves. Ceiling-to-floor windows overlook an enclosed private patio. An interior stone wall with an energy-efficient electric fireplace separates the sleeping area from a spacious sitting and dining area.

In addition to the hotel’s field-to-table restaurant, Lucy, three Michelin-starred restaurants (Thomas Keller’s French Laundry, Bouchon and Redd) are within walking distance, and celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s restaurant Bottega is across the street. For lighter fare, you can sit down for a sandwich at the Yountville Deli or a cup of java at the Yountville Coffee Caboose.


Bardessono, 6526 Yount Street, Yountville, California

Rates start at $450 midweek

[This article appeared in the Sunday travel section of the Chicago Tribune on October 24, 2013] 

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  1. I have two Toto toilet bowls, Irene, and didn’t think I’d ever LOVE a toilet bowl, but since buying two of the Toto bowls, I have to say they are the greatest. Mine aren’t the luxury one you tried because cost was a factor (I believe those cost over $1000 each), but I have the one-piece Toto and haven’t had any problems – which I did have with other brands. Now I’m buying a third Toto for my laundry room toilet. Perhaps, one day, I’ll try the one you did – it certainly would be great. I did see it operate in a showroom and thought it was awesome.

    Best, Arline

  2. Irene,

    Thanks for sharing your luxe toilet experience.
    Although the original wall-hung toilets in my house are now 24 years old, they still work fine.

    I replaced the existing seat in my bath with an elongated Swash 800 bidet seat from Brondell in 2009, and I would not trade it for a Mercedes. The Swash also has a hand-held (or wall hung) remote control. My husband installed the seat/hooked up water line in an hour–no plumber needed. This is a much cheaper option than buying a new high-end toilet.

    The newer bidet Swash 1000 model sells for around $600. 1-888-542-3355.
    Note: I do NOT work for Brondell–just like my seat.

    1. Pat,

      If you don’t work for Brondell, you should:-)
      Thanks for stopping by and adding the info. Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for the woman who has everything!

      Best, Irene

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