Book Review and Giveaway – Alain Ducasse’s New York: 100 Gourmet Addresses (contest ended)

March 12, 2016
Alain Ducasse's New York

Alain Ducasse’s New York

Congratulations so Shawna Fox, who won the giveaway!

The name Alain Ducasse has become synonymous with fine French cuisine.

But the chef’s newest book, Alain Ducasse’s New York: 100 Gourmet Addresses (Rizzoli, 2016), is a curated culinary guide to New York City—a perfect read or reference for foodies, whether born and bred New Yorkers or tourists.

Although the cover is orange, it feels as if you have been handed the chef’s personal “little black book” with his favorite food-related establishments in New York City. Organized by neighborhoods (primarily in Manhattan and Brooklyn) the guide catalogues not only restaurants but markets, kitchenware stores, bakeries, ice cream shops, cocktail bars, delicatessens, coffeehouses, food trucks, street vendors and bookstores that specialize in culinary publications.

The guide includes 100 entries with 600 color photographs as well as the addresses, phone numbers and URLs for each establishment along with a handy pull-out map.

Chef Ducasse came to the U.S. in 2000, the same year he opened his restaurant (now closed) at the Essex House that received a four-star review from the New York Times. A citizen of the world, the chef doesn’t limit his culinary picks in this book to those with a French influence; he also shows an appreciation for the globally-inspired culture and cuisine of New York.

Having apprenticed with legendary chefs Michel Guérard, Alain Chapel and Roger Vergé, Chef Ducasse currently holds 21 Michelin stars; he operates 24 restaurants in 8 different countries and holds the distinction of being the only chef to have earned three Michelin stars for restaurants in three different cities (Paris, Monaco and New York).

A dedicated culinary educator, trainer and restaurant designer, his expanding empire also includes a cooking school, chocolate brand, small inns in Provence, and a series of books and apps in multiple languages. We had the pleasure of dining at two of his restaurants, Bistro Benoit on W. 55th Street in New York City, and the Jules Verne Restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Bistro Benoit in New York City

Bistro Benoit in New York City

A brief backstory: Chef Ducasses’s life was altered dramatically in 1984 when he was the sole survivor of a tragic plane accident that resulted in him losing a leg and enduring a lengthy period of rehabilitation during which he was unable to walk without assistance for three years.

In an interview in New York Magazine, Chef Ducasse said he continued to work from his hospital bed:

“I continued making menus,” he says. “I continued to think, continued my projects, continued to manage my restaurant. Intellectually, I never left the kitchen.

I began to understand that I could have a restaurant without being obligated to be there physically.”

Perhaps that life-changing event has contributed in part to the extraordinary breadth and success of Paul Ducasse’s three decade-long conceptual leadership in the culinary world.


The publisher has graciously agreed to offer a hardcover copy of Alain Ducasse’s New York: 100 Gourmet Addresses to one lucky reader of More Time to Travel.

To be eligible, leave a comment on or before Midnight EST, March 31, 2016 below briefly telling why you would like to win a copy of the book.

One winner will be randomly chosen and announced here soon after.


Chief Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse’s New York: 100 Gourmet Addresses is available in most bookstores and on Amazon.

Disclosure: The publisher is sponsoring this book giveaway and sent us a copy of this book for review.

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