Giveaway: Win a Baggallini, the essential travel purse for women over-50 (Contest ended)

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The Lift by Baggallini

The Lift by Baggallini (in Azul)

Congratulations to Ashley C., the winner of the Baggallini Lift.

Thanks all for entering.

My new Baggallini purse, called The Lift, is the perfect travel purse for women over-50, especially on walking tours (one of my favorite ways to explore cities). Here are five reasons why:

1) The purse is attractive but doesn’t attract unwanted attention.

As much as they think of themselves as forever  young, women of a certain age are more vulnerable targets for pickpockets than burly young men. Thus, it isn’t prudent for them to carry designer purses that advertise what might be inside. The Lift is sophisticated without being showy. The fabric is durable and water-resistant so it still looks new after multiple uses. Depending on the color, in a pinch, this purse can easily transition from daywear to nightwear.

2) It’s lightweight.

I hate “shouldering the burden” of a heavy purse. Even the lightest purse can get heavy quickly when filled with travel essentials. At least, this one starts out light!

3) It’s accessible. 

It’s roomy enough but not too deep so that objects get forever lost at the bottom. The zipper on the top allows easy access (as compared to purses with flap overs or drawstrings). The risks of a purse with an open top are simply too great for a tourist. The bright fabric lining also prevents items from getting lost in a sea of blackness.

Versatility of The Lift by Baggallini

Versatility of The Lift by Baggallini

4) It has plenty of pockets, both inside and out.

When I travel, I tend to take some necessities wherever I go: a smartphone, a small wallet, camera and notepad and pen. If I’m lucky enough to be somewhere sunny, I also want my sunglasses. The Lift’s convenient outside pocket is a perfect size for a smartphone; it even has a pull-through hole for headphones. Other outside pockets are great for stashing items you want to grab at a moment’s notice. (Have you ever missed a Kodak moment because you couldn’t get your camera out quickly?) And there is more pocket space inside to store your hotel key and the business card of the address or the restaurant you’re looking for, and much more.

5) It’s comfortable. 

It’s made of a flexible fabric with an adjustable strap, which can be worn on my shoulder or if I’m concerned about security, the bag can also be worn as a crossbody.

Bottom line

This isn’t my first Baggallini. I also took a smaller one with me when we went on safari in Africa. But I’m always amazed about the smart design of the line—although it shouldn’t be surprising. Two flight attendants founded the company!

When I was thinking about perfect purses for the over-50 traveler, I realized that on most long trips, I take along three purses: a zipper top tote bag for flying (I usually use a Longchamps bag); a small lightweight (usually cloth or nylong) wristlet or clutch for evenings, and a cross-body bag like The Lift for walking tours and day trips. I like the zippered tote for traveling because it has ample space for extras on the way home and I don’t have to worry that its contents will fall out when it’s stashed under the seat in front of me on the plane. A small wristlet or clutch in a neutral color always feels elegant for dress-up.

For sure, this Baggallini will be my go-to purse for cruises and city tours!


  • The makers of Baggallini have agreed to provide The Lift to one randomly selected reader of More Time To Travel.
  • The bag comes in six colors (Mine is pewter gray with a raspberry interior.) To enter the contest, choose one of the colors from those shown on the Baggallini website and write the color of the bag you would like to win in the comment section below on or before midnight, EST, April 24, 2016. Sorry, limited to addresses in U.S. or Canada only.
  • The winner will be announced here.

Disclosure: We received a Baggallini Lift for review but any opinions expressed in this post are our own. When travel products don’t meet our satisfaction, we never post positive reviews.

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  1. Laura says:

    OMG, I love this bag! I would love to have it in raven (black).

  2. Donna Janke says:

    This looks like a great bag for travelling. I’d like to have it in the pewter colour.

  3. Kathy Cooney says:

    I would like the travel purse in the Raven color – love it!

  4. K. Warnol says:

    Pewter please – looks like it would be a great addition for travel needs!

  5. in love with the pewter! I can see myself using this everyday, def useful for all the day trips with my kiddos! Love all the pockets and the fact it’s a crossbody! Thanks for the chance!

  6. Portia Worthy says:

    The bag is beautiful. I would love to have the bag in raven (Black)!

  7. Lise Aumais says:

    Azul please, it is my favorite color!

  8. Barbara Lima says:

    I love their bags! I would love Poppy! Thank you!

  9. Elizabeth Ray says:

    I love it in Raven.

  10. Susan Erickson says:

    I’d love the Baggalini in Pewter

  11. Cynthia C says:

    This would be perfect for me in Pewter.

  12. Deb says:

    I would love this in pewter for my upcoming trip to see my daughter in Barcelona! Thanks!

  13. Linda Lansford says:

    I want the color azul

  14. Mary Cloud says:

    I would choose the Azul Blue

  15. mickeyfan says:

    Pewter would be neutral, but not boring black!

  16. jberry says:

    I think I’d prefer THE LIFT in Grasshopper.

  17. Denise S says:

    I would choose the Straw color.

  18. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I like the poppy color. What a great bag!

  19. Jennifer R says:

    I like the grasshopper color for the Baggallini bag.

  20. I’d like this bag in Azul, por favor!

  21. Cheryl says:

    I would like to win raven.

  22. Ashley C says:

    I love the pewter color! It would go with everything!

  23. CandaceS says:

    The pewter bag would be a great addition to my travel gear. Thank-you.

  24. Jimi Sparlin says:

    I’d love to win this bag in Grasshopper Green !

  25. katherine k says:

    I love the pewter or the poppy

  26. Cathy Howard says:

    Well problem is a love several of the colors! But to get the most use of this fabulous Baggallini, I finally decided on Pewter…it will go with most everything!

  27. Melissa C says:

    This would be perfect for my upcoming Asia trip! The Pewter looks great!

  28. Rajee Pandi says:

    Azul please

  29. Brenda says:

    What a gorgeous bag – my choice is pewter!!

  30. Ceil says:

    Pewter looks very versatile. That’s the one for me.

  31. Kathleen B says:

    Raven, love it!

  32. I’ve fallen in love with the color Ocean. Great purse for travel!

  33. Faye says:

    This bag is what I have been looking for! Pewter would be the best color for me.

  34. Marta Witt says:

    Love Baggalini. Did my first travel with one and haven’t had one since it wore out years later. I would love a new one in Grasshopper.

  35. Meryl Baer says:

    A perfect travel companion. Pewter, please!

  36. Kelly D says:

    I like the straw color.

  37. Sue L says:

    I’ve always wanted a Baggalini! Pewter would be my preferred color. It would go with all the colors in my wardrobe.

  38. Raven please–it would be perfect for an upcoming trip!

  39. Livivua says:

    I like the ocean color

  40. Kim Henrichs says:

    I LOVE the Ocean color!

  41. Melissa C says:

    I really like the bold Poppy color

  42. Valerie Tate says:

    Hmmm…although I think all the colors are amazing I’ll have to choose Pewter!!

  43. Oh it’s hard to choose – that poppy is so appealing! But I’ll go with straw – would be great for summer travel!
    Thanks Irene!

  44. Kay Lynn says:

    What a great bag! I would go with the pewter too.

  45. Laura Wernet says:


  46. Elizabeth Joseph says:

    I like the simplicity and unobtrusiveness of straw.

  47. Di Tyler says:

    I love the colour Azul!

  48. Sarah Lynch says:

    I would love to win this bag in the Raven color.

  49. Lisa Ann says:

    I’d like to win the poppy bag.

  50. natasha lamoreux says:

    Let me just say this is an amazing bag. I love the Baggalini in Pewter.

  51. Melissa C says:

    I also like the grasshopper it is a beautiful color

  52. Ali Celestino says:

    I Love the pewter bag!!

  53. Raven, it will go with everything. (Although ocean is pretty darn lovely as well.)

  54. Michele Baron says:

    What a wonderful bag! My favorite color is pewter

  55. Sarah L says:

    I am over 50. I like this bag in Azul. I like the light weight and all the pockets.
    Thanks for the contest.

  56. I also have two Baggallini bags and would love to have this one in Azul! It would be perfect for my tropical travels!

  57. Roberta Nitka says:

    Great bag! I’d love it in straw.

  58. Terry Stevens says:

    I love this bag and so many colors to choose. The ocean color is my favorite.

  59. clynsg says:

    I like several of the colors, but think Raven would be best for general wear.

  60. Karin says:

    Just stumbled upon your site and love it!
    Azul color for me, please!

  61. Laura S says:

    I like the Ocean color

  62. Deb C says:

    I love Baggallini bags. They are so well made. The Lift would be great for me in the Straw color.

  63. What a great website! Giveaways are an inspiration, and should I be selected, I’d love the Azul Baggalini. Looks like some of my camera accessories would slip right in, and all of my wildlife guides.

  64. Lana simanovicki says:

    Pewter is my favorite thank you for this great giveaway

  65. Donna L says:

    I would like the black color purse.

  66. Sheila K. says:

    I would like to have the raven Baggallini, please!

  67. Erica B. says:

    I like Pewter.

  68. LaTanya says:

    I like the pewter color

  69. susan smoaks says:

    i want to get the azul.

  70. Debbie Yoder says:

    I like the color Raven

  71. Hesper Fry says:

    I like the Azul color.

  72. Megan C says:

    I could really use this. It seems like it has a place for everything I carry. I would pick the grasshopper.

  73. Barbara says:

    What a great problem-solver! I would love the bag in Straw.

  74. T Lee says:

    Basic black would be good.

  75. Nancy says:

    My favorite is the Ocean colored bag.

  76. stephanie baker says:

    Such a great bag! I would love to have it in the color Ocean, though they are all gorgeous & if I were rich, I’d have one in every color because it is the perfect bag.

  77. Tammy Thurber says:

    I love the pewter.

  78. Carissa joslyn says:

    My favorite would be the Azul!! soo pretty. I could really use a new bag right about now!

  79. Emily Zhang says:

    I love this bag and would love if it was Raven colored

  80. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love the Grasshopper colored bag.

  81. Ellie Wright says:

    I would love it in Pewter.

  82. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would love to have the straw colored one please!

  83. Paula Hafner says:

    I would pick the Raven or Ocean.

  84. Jenny S says:

    The Raven is beautiful!

  85. Kristi C says:

    I love the grasshopper.

  86. Stephanie Liske says:

    I love the Raven.

  87. Chantale Aumais says:

    I love the color Raven!

  88. Aaron says:

    I like the Raven!

  89. Claudia Davis says:

    I love the pewter bag and just in time for my trip to the Mediterranean!

  90. Lori F. says:

    I love pewter.

  91. Richard Hicks says:

    I like Raven best

  92. Breanne says:

    I’d love pewter.

  93. Michelle H. says:

    I like Azul.

  94. Sand says:

    I would like to win it in raven.

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