Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

P1040048 Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

Mouth-watering macarons at Ladurée

A pilgrimage to Ladurée, a temple of one of the world’s most famous sweets.

Published on May 31 – National Macaron Day

If you’re over 50 and have ever traveled on a press trip with a group of vibrant, young journalists, you soon realize they have been everywhere and know everything, especially when it comes to where to shop and what to eat in Paris.

When the “car talk” on a recent trip to the City of Light led to a discussion of the quintessential French pastry—the macaron—my colleagues were unequivocal that Ladurée was THE place. Although a stop wasn’t on our itinerary, an excursion and tasting to this historic patisserie seemed mandatory so off we went.

The shop we visited (at 16 rue Royal) is the original location of what now has become an international dynasty. Although the history of these sweet treats remains hotly debated, many believe they were first created by Catherine de’ Medici’s Italian pastry chefs during the 16th century. But it was in France that the meringue-based confection achieved its prominence and began to spread across the world stage.

In 1862, Louis Ernest Ladurée set up a bakery turned patisserie (pastry shop) on this short street that runs between Place de la Concorde and Place de la Madeleine in the 8th arrondissement. However, it was Ladurée’s grandson, Pierre Desfontaines, who came up with the idea of filling the double-decker meringue biscuits with ganache. (The shells are made with almond flour, sugar and egg whites.)

At Ladurée, macarons, pastries and chocolates are displayed in glass and brass showcases like miniature works of art. Well-lit with crystal chandeliers and mirrors, the elegantly decorated shop adjoins an equally inviting Parisian-style tearoom, one of the first in the city. Because there was a time when women weren’t permitted inside Parisian cafés, they flocked to tearooms such as this as places to meet outside their homes.

IMG 6287 Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

Pastries at Ladurée

P1040058 Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

Cakes at Ladurée

IMG 6289 Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

Chocolates at Ladurée

These days, macarons are sold all over Paris (including McDonald’s) but it’s reported that Ladurée alone sells more than 15,000 each day. Ladurée has six stores in Paris, one in Versailles, and multiple locations at the Charles de Gaulle Airport—as well as a growing list of outposts in other European cities, Asia, Africa, South Africa and Oceania. The brand has been expanded to include chocolates, bath and body products and other gifts and collectibles. Like high-couture designers, each year the patisserie introduces new desserts to its collection.

P1040039 Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

The busy shop on Rue Royale

IMG 6288 Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

Gloved-saleslady carefully packing a box of macarons

IMG 6290 Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

Macaron keychains on display in the tearoom

Of course, when we returned home, our also-worldly twenty-something son told us he’s sampled the iconic pastries at Ladurée on the East Side of Manhattan many times. A second New York store opened in Soho this past February with a popular tearoom beside it. The New York delicacies are made in France and flown here, each one costing $2.70. If you really like them, the addiction will only prove slightly less expensive than booking a trip to Paris.

Screen Shot 2014 05 31 at 10.39.05 AM Savoring classic Ladurée macarons in Paris

Entrance to the shop on Rue Royale (Screenshot)

Tips for Visitors: 

  • The lines are generally shorter at the airport locations in Paris as opposed to the ones in the city.
  • The half-life of a macaron is three days so if you plan on taking some home, pick them up towards the end of your trip.

More information about Ladurée and the history of macarons:

Do you have a favorite flavor macaron? Mine is vanilla.

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  1. Beautiful! We even have a Parisian macaron shop in Delray Beach.

  2. YUM yum yum! I had my first Laudree at the Saint Germain cafe, it was very memorable. My favourite flavour is Salted caramel. Im also glad there are stalls in Charles de Gaulle perfect souvenirs (for myself! haha)

  3. We’ve been reading lots about macarons lately – they seem to be the new “it” sweet treat :-). Soooo good.

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