Review of new travel e-Book – The Travel Authority: Essential Tips for Hassle-Free Travel

October 27, 2012
The Travel Authority: Essential Tips for Hassle-Free Travel

A new e-book by veteran travel writer Jeanine Barone

BOOK REVIEW – What if you could tap the brain of a veteran traveler and find out everything she’s learned along the way—possibly preventing some of the predictable hassles that seem endemic to travel? Now you can.

New York-based travel writer Jeanine Barone has written a new travel e-book sharing her years of experience titled, The Travel Authority: Essential Tips for Hassle-Free Travel. (Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, including National Geographic Traveler, the Boston Globe and Travel + Leisure.)

The book is an organized list of travel tips divided into seven sections: savvy packing, airports and planes, other transportation (cars, trains and boats), health and safety, accommodations, recommended gear and products, and insurance and money issues.

What types of tips might you glean from the book? For instance, close friends of mine had recently booked what they hoped would be the trip of a lifetime: three weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. They booked the trip with ABC Tours of Bloomfield, New Jersey, a company that had been in business 45 years. For reasons that are still unclear, the company folded leaving my friends and many other stunned travelers in the lurch between the time they paid their deposits and commenced on their trips.

Here’s just one of Jeanine’s tips that might help avoid such disappointments:

  • If you’re worried that your tour operator or cruise line might default and cancel your trip, buy comprehensive travel insurance (from an independent company, not the tour operator that covers this). Read the fine print to determine under what circumstances you’ll be reimbursed. Alternatively, paying for the trip with a credit card allows you to dispute the charges.

(Fortunately, my friends did use an Amex card, as Jeanine suggests. They were able to make alternate arrangements at the last minute and are hoping to get a refund from the credit card company when they return.)

Another useful tip from the book:

  • Some countries require you to pay a departure tax at the airport. To avoid last-minute hassles, hold on to enough local currency to pay this.

If you find even a few useful tips in this new travel e-book, I would say it’s well worth the money. The Travel Authority is available for $2.99 for the Kindle and Nook and as a downloadable PDF from Jeanine’s blog, J The Travel Authority.

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