Travel Blogs

One of the nicest parts of becoming a travel writer is finding a community of kindred spirits who love travel and love to write about their journeys. Here are some of the blogs I like:

A Traveler’s Library – My friend Vera writes about books and movies that inspire travel.

Boomeresque is a blog written by new friend, Suzanne, a self-described “recovering lawyer” and “trailing spouse” with a wanderlust for travel. – My friend Karen’s travel site owned by writers for writers.

Author and culinary guide Mark Spivak’s blog, EatDrinkJourney offers insider info on restaurants, wines, spirits and culinary travel.

Learn everything you need to know about IconicSpirits that have changed the cocktail culture on my friend Mark’s blog—and buy the book.

My friend Emilie’s travel blog, Finding the Essence.

Nancy Thompson’s blog, Just a Backpack and a Rollie.

Maine Travel Maven – My friend Hilary knows everything about Maine.

My Itchy Travel Feet – My friend Donna writes about boomer travel.

We met Canadian food and travel writers, John and Sandra Nowlan on a press trip. You can read about their travels at Nowlan Travel.

Putting It All on the Table – Food, travel, collections, decorating, gardens, books, organizing, and life with my friend, Brette Sember.

Time Goes By – Not a travel blog, per se, but a wonderful blog about what it’s really like to get older, by journalist Roni Bennett

Sand In My Suitcase – Writers/photographers Janice and GeorgeMucalov collaborate on “tales of luxury travel with an adventurous twist.” I think they love Los Cabos almost as much as we do.

Justin and Ellen Small Billiard share their travel tips and experiences at The Time-Crunched Traveler.

Travel-Babel – My SATW colleague, Claire Walter, is not only a travel writer and prolific blogger but also an authority on skiing (Alpine and Nordic), snowshoeing, hiking, backpacking and scuba diving.

Travel Diversions with Doreen – My chocoholic friend Doreen’s travel blog.

Planning a trip to Washington? Visit my friend Heather’s blog, Visiting Washington State.

Your Life is a Trip – My friend Judy is one of the co-founders of this group travel blog that features different voices, different subjects, all related by the common theme – life as a trip.