Margaritaville: Hospitality brand promises boomers a relaxed residential lifestyle

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Artist rendering of Margaritaville

Artist rendering of Margaritaville

In a unique collaboration between a global hospitality brand and a building company, Margaritaville has partnered with Minto to create an active adult community called Latitude Margaritaville.

Many of my boomer friends are in the midst of planning residential moves as their life circumstances change. After cutting back on full-time employment or having retired from the workforce entirely, they’re selling their homes to live simpler, more economical lifestyles. Others are downsizing to carve out more time and resources for travel. Some are moving to warmer climates to spend more time outdoors and pursue hobbies, such as golf and boating—or they’re relocating to be closer to adult children and grandchildren.

We are currently in the midst of downsizing, too, hoping to reduce the costs and work entailed in maintaining our now-too-large-for-us single-family home. We were fortunate to find a new townhouse development sprouting out of the ground in the town next to ours, Pleasantville. Having made a deposit on a unit, we are taking a temporary hiatus from travel as we furiously declutter in anticipation of a summer move.

Another artist rendering of Margaritaville

Another artist rendering of Margaritaville

Always on the lookout for novel housing options, however, a press release recently popped into our in-box that caught our eye. It announced a new and interesting residential concept aimed at active boomers.

Travelers may already be familiar with Margaritaville because they’ve stayed at one of the company’s nine branded destination resorts/hotels across the Southeast United States and Caribbean operated by Margarita holdings. Others may have dined at a Margaritaville restaurant. All these properties were inspired by the lyrics of singer/songwriter/musician/businessman Jimmy Buffett.

In a unique collaboration between a hospitality brand and a building company, Margaritaville has partnered with realty developer Minto Communities to create an active adult community called Latitude Margaritaville, scheduled to open in Daytona Beach, Florida in Fall 2017.

The 7000-unit community will reflect the “no worries,” escapist, tropical vibe of Margaritaville, which launched its first restaurant in Key West thirty years ago. I can already picture several residents walking around sipping tall frozen drinks through long straws.

What else can we expect: Walkable communities, a town center, fitness options, indoor and outdoor dining, lifelong art and learning programs, and lively music and entertainment. The new $1 billion dollar community will be set on the beach with views of the Atlantic.

If you’re a Jimmy Buffett fan—or have ever visited a resort and had the feeling you never wanted to leave, this might be just the right lifestyle destination for you. Take a peek at the new website.

*Eight additional Margaritaville hotels/resorts are currently in development.

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Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Jill says:

    This place looks awesome to me but I’ve always been a Jimmy Buffett fan. And a flip flops lifestyle fan, too. My husband and I are, like you, in the midst of a travel hiatus and I am knee deep in boxes and clutter while we put our house on the market and downsize. We haven’t found our next place yet but will settle into an apartment for a bit if we don’t find anything.

  2. Margaritaville — perfect name for a complex aimed at us boomers. 🙂 Looks like a great place in a great location. We just made our big move from SF Bay Area to Scottsdale AZ. Ironically, we upsized. We knew we wanted to move to this area for family, weather, lifestyle, etc. but found that to get the kinds of views we wanted we needed to be looking at certain properties — the larger homes had the views! Anyway, we’re happy with the decision. Best of luck to you on your declutter process (I sure understand the enormity of that effort) and the move.

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