Foolproof tips for fighting jet lag

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Jet lag typically occurs when people fly across multiple time zones

Jet lag typically occurs when people fly across multiple time zones

Experiencing jet lag is almost inevitable after most long haul flights.

By the time Katharine Nohr, an attorney from Kaneohe, Hawaii, checked into her hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, she felt such an overwhelming sense of exhaustion that she almost regretted taking the vacation.

According to the American Sleep Association, jet lag is experienced at some point by 93 percent of travelers. The hallmark symptoms associated with this sleep disorder may include: daytime fatigue, difficulty falling asleep at night, insomnia, disorientation, impaired alertness and performance, depressed mood, irritability and gastrointestinal problems. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize it.

In a recent article that I wrote for the PBS website, I explain the phenomenon; the conditions under which it occurs; and list tips on what travelers can do to minimize it; organized in three categories: before the trip, on the plane, and after arriving at a destination.

Additionally, I describe a free app developed by a psychology researcher, Jet Lag Rooster, that can help you reduce the adverse effects.

Click here to read the Next Avenue article in its entirety.

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